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Lauren / 28 / female / United States

What have I done? D:
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Submission Spam

Sorry about the random image dump! Was trying to upload some of my more favorite pieces so that this account wasn't so… bare. D: Luckily it's over. For now. >D In other news I've been accepted into my first choice for a 4-year university. I start in September and damn am I excited! Unfortunately it…

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So I'm still getting the hang of Weasyl… Hence the lack of art or journals. School isn't really helping either. But hopefully I'll be able to upload some older art pieces in the next few weeks. I really want to make Weasyl my main art account it's just… difficult to break old habits and form a new…

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idek… bumping away old journal

I have this huge pile of art pieces I want to upload to Weasyl but frick. School's making that next to impossible. Also… laziness. Lots of that actually. In the mean time I've been frantically trying to get homework done this weekend while working on a personal site for ocs and such. Good times, go…

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Featreu Information

Realized I may want to post some sort of journal with the information since I've uploaded the first of many Featreu to come! I'm still in the process of fleshing them out so I won't be uploading any as adoptables. Not for a while. But if there's interest I may be persuaded otherwise. :'D Featreu ar…

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Introduction? Kind of

I realize I've had this account for about a week or so and haven't uploaded anything yet. Whoops… I draw, I swear! I've just been beyond busy with school and other projects. Once those are done I'll most likely be spamming this account with old art and any new pieces. Such as the ones I've been att…