•|| Call me Froyo or Yuki
•|| Just a hobbyist
•|| Incredibly slow at art-ing
•|| College student
•|| Diagnosed ADHD

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•|| Don't repost my work.
•|| Don't trace, copy, alter, or otherwise use my work (unless it was made specifically for you).
•|| Don't sell my work.

I'd really like to make Weasyl my main art site.
But only if it proves to be a better community than DA or FA.



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on 14 April 2014 at 14:51:28 MDT

Sorry about the random image dump! Was trying to upload some of my more favorite pieces so that this account wasn't so… bare. D:

Luckily it's over.
For now. >D

In other news I've been accepted into my first choice for a 4-year university. I start in September and damn am I excited! Unfortunately it means I have a LOT of work to do before then. Most of it is school/preparation centered but there's a decent amount that's art related. Such as getting character information done. OTL.

Something that I've been working on for about 2-3 years now. Whoops. Guess I've got till September 21st to get shit done. B|

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    Hey I followed you on DA forever ago, it's Tae =D
    hope you're dong well! =3

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    Thank you so much for the follow, I really appreciate it! Have one back. :D

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      You are more than welcome! ;A;
      I love your sketches and I look forward to seeing more from you~
      (thank you for the return watch as well <3)

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        Well, I am in a bit of a slump right now but you certainly will see more from me.

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          I know that feeling very well!
          But I'm extremely patient. :'D

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    Thank you very much for the follow! ; v ;

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      No problem, your work is adorable! <3