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•|| Call me Froyo or Yuki
•|| Just a hobbyist
•|| Incredibly slow at art-ing
•|| College student
•|| Diagnosed ADHD

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•|| Deviantart
•|| Furaffinity
•|| Tumblr
•|| Personal Site


•|| Don't repost my work.
•|| Don't trace, copy, alter, or otherwise use my work (unless it was made specifically for you).
•|| Don't sell my work.

I'd really like to make Weasyl my main art site.
But only if it proves to be a better community than DA or FA.



Latest Journal

Submission Spam

Sorry about the random image dump! Was trying to upload some of my more favorite pieces so that this account wasn't so… bare. D:

Luckily it's over.
For now. >D

In other news I've been accepted into my first choice for a 4-year university. I start in September and damn am I excited! Unfortunately it means I have a LOT of work to do before then. Most of it is school/preparation centered but there's a decent amount that's art related. Such as getting character information done. OTL.

Something that I've been working on for about 2-3 years now. Whoops. Guess I've got till September 21st to get shit done. B|

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    Hey I followed you on DA forever ago, it's Tae =D
    hope you're dong well! =3

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    Thank you so much for the follow, I really appreciate it! Have one back. :D

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      You are more than welcome! ;A;
      I love your sketches and I look forward to seeing more from you~
      (thank you for the return watch as well <3)

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        Well, I am in a bit of a slump right now but you certainly will see more from me.

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          I know that feeling very well!
          But I'm extremely patient. :'D

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    Thank you very much for the follow! ; v ;

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      No problem, your work is adorable! <3