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Featreu Information by Froyo

Realized I may want to post some sort of journal with the information since I've uploaded the first of many Featreu to come! I'm still in the process of fleshing them out so I won't be uploading any as adoptables. Not for a while. But if there's interest I may be persuaded otherwise. :'D

Featreu are a CLOSED SPECIES

Featreu Basics

  • Bird-Like bone structure (incredibly light); covered in feathers from head to foot. Surprisingly, they do not have any sort of dander due to the critical role of hygiene - contributes to their survival. Constantly washing and cleaning feathers results in the lack of dander. They do not have pads or any sort of grip on the bottom of their feet. While human-like in appearance a Featreu's feet are covered in feathers which take away most of their ability to grip the ground. One of the most entertaining things to see is a Featreu on ice.
  • All Featreu have 6 large feathers. These assist them in hearing since they don't have ears. Instead, they 'hear' by feeling vibrations; either through their feet (earth) or through feathers (air). These feathers are highly valued in Featreu society. Not only do they serve as 'ears' they also catch air and allow Featreu to regulate their body temperature (Featreu cannot sweat). The 6 feathers are socially important due to the role they play in trust. If one of the feathers is plucked it will grow back but it takes months. Due to the importance of their feathers to their survival they are overly-cautious of what they do. Yet, when someone's finally earned their trust, they show it by giving them one of their feathers (oddly, regardless of how important they are for survival, it doesn't hurt for feathers to be plucked). It's something that won't decompose: highly valued.
  • There aren't many physical abnormalities to be seen in Featreu society. A lack of feathers is the most common abnormality - resulting in a 'deaf' Featreu. They are considered pathetic, weak, and often the most likely to be killed. The second most common abnormality is 'horns'. Unlike a lack of feathers, the horn abnormality is a desired and highly sought trait. It signifies a higher bone density which results in a Featreu that won't be blown away so easily. More subtle, uncommon, abnormalities include slit pupils, 'eye whites' being black/another color, fangs or shark-like teeth, and monochrome coloring.
  • Their purpose in life is to protect rain forests, deserts, etc. Essentially they're nature spirits but they do have to be careful for large animals have been known to prey on them. Most Featreu favor birds due to their share traits.
  • While inherently nomadic due to the likelihood of being blown away, Featreu still seek out homes to settle down in. Often times it only happens when they find someone they trust enough to keep them safe or trust to search for them if they are blown away. Since it is so common for them to be blown away they have to be extremely observant regarding weather. Their lives are heavily tied to the environment they typically inhabit. Although they are frequently uprooted from their homes and forced to change their place of residence, prolonged exposure to a severe shift in environment type can cause them to become ill. In some cases it can lead to death. For example: moving from a secluded rain forest to the heart of a bustling city has the potential to kill a Featreu.
  • Overall, Featreu are relatively docile and kind creatures. They aren't built for fighting and actively avoid any sort of physical confrontation. Their kindness has led to their assistance of lost travelers (guiding them out of dangerous areas of the forests they live in), planting of new trees, grass, flowers, etc. and even nursing wounded animals back to health; sometimes at the cost of their own well-being. Of course, their environment does play a role in their personalities. Featreu who live in dark forest areas tend to be timid, easily-frightened, and are more prone to depression: especially during the darker months of the year while Featreu who live in open meadows tend to be bubbly, outgoing, and adventurous. Some Featreu do live in desert areas but they spend most of their time keeping hydrated - the heat creates a risk of death. They don't have the ability to sweat and extremely high temperatures have been known to claim lives. The only way they can regulate their temperature is through panting but it can only help so much. Yet, as with any species, there are exceptions.
  • There are rare cases of Featreu with extremely dark personalities. Typically such personalities result from the destruction of their environment but there are cases where toxic waste dumping was to blame or the eradication of a favorite animal species. Once a Featreu has come into contact with such devastations there is no going back. And in extremely rare cases they have been known to lose their feathers (main feathers, secondary feathers, and even pompoms), have their feathers change color, and even grown third eyes.
    I'm more than happy to answer any questions!

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