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FotoFurNL / Male / Netherlands

Dog goes woof, cat goes meow and the camera goes click click click
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Life, Photography And NordicFuzzCon

Hello Fotofriends! Life It has been, what, several months since I last shared any new work? Gosh I feel bad for letting my baby photography project quiet down so much. Don't worry, my love for fursuits and photography has not died. Life simply got the best of me! About 6 months ago I moved into a n…

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EuroFurence 21 - ConReport

If you would like to read this Journal including seeing the photos that go with it, click here: EuroFurence 21 - ConReport by FotoFurNL Sifting through about 1300 photos I think back of all the things I experienced in the pa…

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EuroFurence 21 ArtShow & New Glass!

Hello FotoFriends! It has been a while since you have heard from me in text, rather than photos. I assure you my keyboard is still working as it should! The reason I don't update through journals a lot is probably because as a photographer I prefer to have my images tell their own stories. However…

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Happy New Year!!

Hello FotoFriends! Before I am heading off to celebrate New Years Eve with my loved ones and friends I want to take a minute to wish you all the best of times tonight! Set off some fireworks, have some "Oliebollen" and raise those glasses of champagne! (This is what we Dutch people call Oliebol, ha…

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EuroFurence 20 Photography challenge!

Hi there FotoFriend, It is almost time to move sideways on the map and head to Germany for EuroFurence 20! More than 2000 Furries will be attending and that means there will be over a 1000 fursuits! For me that is the perfect place to be! Lots of pretty fursuiters and me and my camera running aroun…