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| Frozen Heart Webcomic | Paigeeworld | Commission | Facebook | Picarto | Hello~ Hellooo~ How are you? Long time not making a journal. Very bad weather in my area, it's pretty hard to online due to thunder and troubled internet connection. I will try to submit a journal to increase my activity in h…

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Fresh start!

| Frozen Heart Webcomic | Paigeeworld | Commission | Facebook | Picarto | Deviantart Helloooo, Weasyl community! I'm pretty in here and looking to meet new people. Actually, I made this account few months ago and keep forgetting the password OTL I'm always open for commissions, so if you like what…

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Frozen Heart Webcomic

Helloo guuuys~ https://orig00.deviantart.net/9ce2/f/2017/106/7/a/between_the_bones_by_fireytika-db63ooj.gif You probably already know from my Other social medias and deviantart that i just released my comic in webtoon~ but i wanna make an official announcement in here hha~ Link to my webcomic : htt…