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Fresh start! by fireytika

Helloooo, Weasyl community!

I'm pretty in here and looking to meet new people. Actually, I made this account few months ago and keep forgetting the password OTL

I'm always open for commissions, so if you like what you see and would like something from me, feel absolutely free to message me or email me~

I'm always looking to make new buddies and chit chat, so don't be shy XD

Btw, since i didn't post a lot of art in here, I'd like to start it again! And will post more art soon!
Even some of my old ones XD
Old but Gold~

Sometimes i do streaming my comic & commission on picarto, feel free to join if you like ^^

So, October has come to ends. What did you do this whole month? there are a lot of prompts and challenge this month XD
I joined #inktober this year. However, i can only draw half of it. Drawing every 2 days is not bad at all.... i think....
I post a lot of wips and video timelapse on my Instagram ^^

So, love you all, and, hope you enjoy my stuff!

Fresh start!


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    Well hi there! Welcome back! I'm always around if you wanted to chat as well since I just came back too aha.

    I'm not as active as I want to be because school and all, but I'm sure trying!

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      Wahh thank you so much dor the warm welcome!
      Ahaha what a coincidence! Duuuure~ i like to have new friends in here XD

      How are you? What do you like to draw? :3

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        Aaa, sorry for the late reply! I had a really busy school week ;v;
        I'm doing great though! And I just love drawing in general, I cant choose aha :,D

        What about you?