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Frozen Heart Webcomic by fireytika

Helloo guuuys~

You probably already know from my Other social medias and deviantart that i just released my comic in webtoon~ but i wanna make an official announcement in here hha~

Link to my webcomic :

I've been drawing this comic since 5 years now, but start to serious creating the plot and story since 2 years ago (or more LOL).
As for this webcomic itself, I've been working on this since.... last Oktober hha~
I know, i know! Such slow progress OTL

Thanks to everyone who keep encouraging me, and especially big hug to these guys who keep forcing this metal head to post her comic :

@lydia-san @daylio @redseroja @Tuntalm @bluediscord @secondary-target @hollowheartlessIzsak @rainbow000pegasus

Also one big hug to MOONMUTE who always watching my streaming when i was drawing my comic //or other art//
Well, he successfully made me stay awake and not procrastinating LOL

And thanks to my best buddy, Rahmi & Ndari~
It's freaking nervous but i finally can post it on webtoon

It's not my first time drawing comic, my previous one is Fantasy Animals, which i draw it since 11 years ago~

//but i was too shy to post it online

Anyway, i hope you enjoy my comic! I know there are still many rooms for improvement, feedbacks are welcome! All your comments burn my spirit to keep drawing ^^
Last but not least,
Please subscribe and share if you enjoy reading my comic~

Thanks for reading! Have a great day~

Frozen Heart Webcomic


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