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fenrislorsrai / 41 / female / Southwestern CT

I give flesh to monsters
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Artists wanted for next Rage set- its vampire cult time!

Artists wanted to work on the next Rage CCG fanset. Something is going down in the Carpathians. Time for the Garou to combat the Wyrm wherever is BREEDS, which means taking out the vampiric and demonic corruption spreading through the area. No sparkling here, only SUFFERING. All cards have gone thr…

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Upcoming projects and shows

Forest of Dreams- DEVELOPMENT HELL. this is an art installation in a public space. its installed and I need to get in to fix an electrical issue with the lights. last I heard from my contact they were very sick and going to hospital for blood tests. that was a week ago... clearly project is cuuuuuu…

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see my art in person in gallery show!

Anomalous Animals of the Americas runs through October 23rd at Molten Java 213 Greenwood Ave (rte 302) in Bethel, CT. Hours: Monday 6:15am-9pm Tuesday 6:15am-9pm Wednesday 6:15am-10pm Thursday 6:15am-10pm Friday 6:15am-10pm Saturday 7:15am-10pm Sunday 8:15am-8pm RECEPTION- Meet the monster maker! S…

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Taking requests: aquatic characters only!

I am doing a rather large installation at City Center Danbury in November which is ocean themed. And I need a huge number of small character pieces to go into a larger installation piece. I already have some pieces but probably need around 20 more. that's a lot of sea beasties! So to fill in some o…

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Art show opening- Apr 26th Danbury CT

I have gallery opening at Trailer Box Gallery in Danbury, CT with myself and two graffiti artists, so show is almost entirely anthro characters in variety of styles. Refreshments are provided at opening. Show opening is Saturday the 26th 5-8PM at Trailer Box, 15 Great Pasture Rd. Danbury. (back uni…