Upcoming projects and shows by fenrislorsrai

Forest of Dreams- DEVELOPMENT HELL. this is an art installation in a public space. its installed and I need to get in to fix an electrical issue with the lights. last I heard from my contact they were very sick and going to hospital for blood tests. that was a week ago... clearly project is cuuuuuuuuuuursed. it looks awesome other than the lights aren't coming on. ARGH. I am worried about their health, but also frustrated by having simple issue screwing up whole thing.

Bawdy Bartender #2- almost done with piece for portfolio with Tabbiewolf and a whole bunch of other folks.

Trailer Box show- midapril with three other artists. first show of the year at Trailer Box, so should have good attendance. the other artists make dinosaurs and augmented photography, I will be supplying sculpture. since I have so much florescent paint left in exact right colors from Forest of Dreams, will probably be doing a "life size" (well for cartoon life) Centipeedle sculpt from Steven Universe.

Bethel Arts- solo show April/May- mostly just old work rather than new work. I just need to reorganize it into a more logical flow.

Rage art- currently working on coloring work for Bastiaan Rours (see lots of examples in my gallery) and starting piece for Frank Jacobo (new) and will be doing so alone work

Shared Worlds show- Sept & October- solo show at Danbury Library. I know two of the things I'll be doing, but haven't decided rest as of yet

Upcoming projects and shows


20 March 2015 at 20:56:17 MDT

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    Neat! Hope I will be able to make it to some of these.

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      If nothing else I'll have pictures of them. well, I'll have pictures of Forest if the light situation is ever fixed...