Taking requests: aquatic characters only! by fenrislorsrai

I am doing a rather large installation at City Center Danbury in November which is ocean themed. And I need a huge number of small character pieces to go into a larger installation piece. I already have some pieces but probably need around 20 more. that's a lot of sea beasties!

So to fill in some of the slots in that I will accept requests for AQUATIC characters to be included in the host of sealife. You can also request real world species that are just really cool looking and would like to see included.

This is a REQUEST, so I may or may not include the character, depending on whether it matches with the overall design for installation. But drop me a comment with a link to some references of your aquatic character and I may add it.

Art will be visible to general public, so it is unlikely I will include your porn character. Keep it PG-13. I don't mind seeing references that are R or even X rated, but if half the ref sheet is taken up by details of what their cock looks like, I'm probably not including them.

Taking requests: aquatic characters only!


10 September 2014 at 12:41:51 MDT

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