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Paper Ornaments

Apologies to the folks who are already acquainted with my older paper ornament designs. I know it's redundant, but I want to share my 2014 ornament on Weasyl and the last four weren't on here yet. New stuff is on the way, I've just been real busy. Hope your holidays have been going well so far. :)

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Yay! Finally made one. :D I wanted to try out my new Frenden pencil & inking tool presets on something quick for myself and ended up with a B&W Noc’lore face. It shows how she looks when all her glow and smoke is “turned off”, so to speak. Her eyes are like clear glass marbles.

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Replying to comments

Is it customary here on Weasyl, to reply to comments given on pictures and journals and whatnot? I usually only reply if asked a question, but don't want to be impolite.

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I'm back! :D

Back back back! Oh sweet internet, how I've missed you. <3 The move out of our apartment was the biggest clusterfuck I've ever experienced. The moving guys didn't speak english and were ready to move us before we finished packing so a lot of things got thrown into random boxes with no labels. I sti…

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Commission Status for Jan-Feb

• Progress on COMMISSIONS are on hold till February • I apologize for the lack of updates (uploading nothing but old work). I tried to be more productive last month, but during the last couple of months my boyfriend and I have been looking for a new place. We moved into our current apartment becaus…

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"Get to know me" meme

Hello! Thank you all so much for welcoming me to Weasyl so warmly and following my page! :3 Figured its been a while since I've done one of these, this was a decent ice breaker meme. What's your real name? Tiina Names you go by? Tiina, Tiinasaurus, T, Mirroreyes, Mirror, DC, Mina, and on occasion c…