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The Pros and Cons of a Warm Winter

As I sit here writing this I have my window open. There's a mocking bird testing his voice, the low growl of a lawnmower, and a roar of a leaf blower all mixing together and filling my room. The sounds bring a smile to my face, then my gaze drifts tot he date... its only the third of march! I'm rem…

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The Start of October

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted on here, I’ve kept myself busy and I’ve managed to avoid doing much of anything productive or that I’d set out to do. My weight has actually gone up, my grades are worrisome, and I feel like I’ve done nothing. That’s really the worst of it, I don’t feel like…

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July/August Update

I have a stable job in my college town! This means that come Monday I'll have an internet connection that's at least respectable and a schedule that'll allow me time to work on my hobbies once more! I've gotten the first chapter of a short I'm working on completed but not transcribed onto the compu…

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New Stories in the Works

Alright, I'm not dead! I am still alive and present and busy as all get-out. In the midst of that chaos of work and sweat I've come up with two ideas for two short stories that are mostly thanks to two post on twitter. One will be a werewolf themed horror short, and the other an old-god, Lovecrafti…

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Back from my work vacation and feeling recharged! Got a few short story ideas to pump out, and I signed up for a drawing class this fall. It's only dealing with B&W stuff, but I figure its a good start, and a friend of mine is in the class as well, so that's gonna be fun. So for the short story ide…

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April Update

Wow it's been a while since I've been on here, and its to the point I don't need to keep saying this! I'm at least gonna start giving weekly updates from here on out. Thing have been crazy hectic. To the point I haven't even been able to get to my forge much. All the crops are needing planting, the…

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March Update

Well things keep getting away from me. The farm work is piling up, but I'm working through it. Crops are nearly all planted and the trees nearly cleared to let me put up a new fence. My forge is complete and running! Still making and restoring tools right now and I hope to open up for commissions i…

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January, a Summary

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and instead of trying to list ton of apologies to my 3 faithful followers (since you guys talk to me anyways) but lets just say that I got busy and a whole lot got goin’ that’s only gonna get busier than here. So right now, I’ve been ordering and gatheri…

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I figured after posting some WIP art and favoriting some stuff I might as well introduce myself! I'm that_redneck_guy, a blacksmith (maybe a journeyman), artist (attempting), writer (striving), and outdoors enthusiast (okay I'll take a bit of pride in this one). I also tend a farm, which takes up t…