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Legend of Ahya : Target of Interest Release Date

It is finally time! Time to announce the official release date for my first book in Taylor Renee's book series! It has been a long time in coming. My first art post of Taylor was uploaded on July 8, 2017 and now, 4 years later, that is the date of the first book's release: July 8, 2021! At that tim…

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Official Darkflamewolf Merchandise!

It is finally here! Official Darkflamewolf merchandise! After much researching, purchasing from and investigation into quality and reliability of services, I am choosing to go with RedBubble to manage and maintain my stock of merch for my characters. Basically, they are responsible for printing, pr…

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Taylor's First Book Draft is Done!

This is a short journal post, but I wanted you all to know that as of last night, I just finished the first draft of Taylor Renee's first book and have handed it out to all my beta readers I personally selected. They'll be running through her story with a fine-toothed comb and really helping me pol…

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Support me and Taylor on Ko-Fi!

It takes a lot to publish a book, be it traditional publishing or self-publishing. Either route takes a lot of money, especially more so when I'm going the self-publishing route. I must build my own platform from scratch, webpages, marketing and all and must continue to spread awareness of this upc…

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'In Darkness I Hide' - Murana Wolford's Story!

Now I completed this story a good time ago, but for those who were curious about Murana Wolford's story and how all her pictures were linked together, it is a completed story and ready for viewing/reading at any time! That's right! A full length novel of about 350+ pages! It takes place in the worl…

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Overclocked Remix's 69th Album: Arcadia Legends is Released!

At long last, after 3+ years of production and myself directing this wonderful album, the 69th album of Overclocked Remix: Arcadia Legends is released. A 3-disc, 36 track album that pays tribute and homage to the Skies of Arcadia game that inspired it. We may not yet have a HD remaster. We may not…

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Taylor Renee is Getting Her Story!

I know I don't make a lot of journals or announcements on my page, but I just came to a realization recently. I am writing fanfics of Zootopia and other game franchises, but I've been putting off and neglecting my primary interest of late for too long. It is either now or never. I am putting the fa…