Official Darkflamewolf Merchandise! by darkflamewolf

It is finally here! Official Darkflamewolf merchandise! After much researching, purchasing from and investigation into quality and reliability of services, I am choosing to go with RedBubble to manage and maintain my stock of merch for my characters. Basically, they are responsible for printing, producing and delivering all stock ordered to customers internationally. (So any delivery issues you have must also be taken up with them, not me. You're just buying my designs, not the products themselves through me!) Their prices are standard and cannot be changed. I only marked them up slightly so I get a little kickback per purchase. Every bit helps me bring Taylor's story and these characters to life on the page! Thank you so much for your support and may you find what you like here!

With the cooperation and generosity of SlashFreezen and Ruolina, I present to you the four current designs to purchase on a wide variety of items ranging from t-shirts, to hoodies, to laptop cases, to clocks, to iphone cases and more! Check it out and see if any of these products tickle your fancy and if you wish to support and sport your favorite girl proudly! <3

Murana's 'Forgive the Past' :
Taylor's 'Accept Yourself' :
Murana and Taylor's 'Family is Everything' :
Ahya's 'Maw' (with COVID mask option!) :

I hope you enjoy these products and I'd love to see picture of fans sporting/wearing them. <3 <3 <3

Official Darkflamewolf Merchandise!


1 June 2020 at 14:25:17 MDT

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