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It's been a year since I last updated my journal?

Holy shit, what the hell. Anyway, expect a gallery cleanup next month. I am deleting all old art off my DA, IB and Weasyl and replacing it some polished work...portfolio season is well on it's way and I gotta make an impression. I also made a Patreon account as well...? Nothing is on it, but since…

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fabulous, mental health issues ahead

TW for depression, relationship and work/school related stress. My friend is quickly recovering from her car accident, which is a good thing although she's completely immobilized at the moment. she can't go back to school for the rest of the semester and is quite upset about it. Most importantly, s…

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leaving FA permanently.

I was aware of the whole ordeal with what happened between one of the mods and other people on the site, but having an FA feels rather useless as of now. The fact that the admin over there has everyone's personal info freaks me out. Also, I'm not getting much attention on FA either. Sometime tomorr…

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okay, my hands are starting to hurt. I dont know if it's arthirtis or carpal tunnel but I'm going to have to get this checked out next week

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*throws confetti*

I really like it here on Weasyl, in comparison to DA and FA, it's smaller and more friendlier all round. A lot of my on my recent stuff is still on FA, I'm still considering keeping my account open despite all the awful ordeal that's going down with the administrators of the site. If I have to, I'l…