leaving FA permanently. by candyangelo

I was aware of the whole ordeal with what happened between one of the mods and other people on the site, but having an FA feels rather useless as of now. The fact that the admin over there has everyone's personal info freaks me out. Also, I'm not getting much attention on FA either.

Sometime tomorrow I'll clean out my gallery and abandon ship. Besides, Weasyl seems much more smaller and professional by online art gallery standards.

leaving FA permanently.


28 February 2014 at 04:32:51 MST

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    Other reasons people leave is also the massive downtime FA has. Like the site was down for 2 weeks and that isn't good especially if it's the only site you get commissions from. I'm not getting a lot of attention over there so I might leave as well.

    I like Weasyl, they seem more open and friendly and I get a good vibe here. So I'll be here. :3

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      THAT I wasnt aware about...although I'm sure thats to be blamed on the admin. :T but yep, thats one of the reasons why I came here too. the admins here are amazingly awesome.

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        In all my years on FA I notice people don't trust the admins. Mostly because they're very unreliable, don't keep to their word and most times staff changes every couple months or so. But yeah, that's what I've seen.