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Caleb Lloyd / Rogue Pizza Fox

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Commission Opening~!

Heya! I'm open up for some commissions. I wrapped up my art-cards, so if you're interested in being in the next batch. --- Go to the Google-Form and fill it out~!

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Artist share! (that means you~)

A bit of a different journal, I'd like to share a few artist who's work I enjoy and see what artists you all like know. I'll give two artists to start, a visual artist and a music artist/group. Comment bellow any artists you'd like to share First artist is -Centradragon- The first convention I went…

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2021 Art in Review

This year was nothing too exciting, a few changes here and there, but let's let's have a look January --- First artwork of the year was the chair of despair. I had to do to figure out places to draw. At home it’s tough to get started, so I’ve got a limited choice. But once I got that down, I could…

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Art Backlog + Other Information

So I redownloaded that Posty-Birb program in hopes that I will actually post the work. Gonna post it here as well as Deviantart, so we'll see how my work gets traction there. Mainly wanted to get the old MFF 2019 journal out of the way, otherwise, hey~! So here's a few things that might interest fo…

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MFF 2019 Report

Midwest Furfest 2019: Report 🍏Wednesday---- Not much of a day, that morning I worked an hour in the morning for no real reason aside from wakign up. I packed my luggage, did a few things and started a 5 hour drive with a local to the con. Arrived like 7-8 pm, poked folks on telegram and then met up…

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Who here reads journals?

Just curious. Plenty of times I look around at artist's profiles, and not sure who all to respond to or comment on. Would totally like to meet folks on Weasyl, but it all seems so silent.

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Commissions Open

Posted a twitter things about it, thought I'd post here too. I'm looking for April commissions, let me know if you're interested. HERE, is the commission order form THIS, is where you can find the examples and the queue.

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Thoughts on ways of getting Art

I posted a poll pondering, "What are your LEAST favorite ways of getting art?" I want to start posting journals of my thoughts on various things. Today I was thinking of different ways to get arts, besides from doing it yourself. Considering the pros and cons of each method and decided to write the…

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Restricted Internet

I write this mainly to get my ideas down about what to do about the issues of Restricted internet. Circumstances surrounding Restricted Internet won’t be discussed, just what to do about it My internet access will be limited to Mondays/Wednesdays mornings 6:15-6:45 and Saturday afternoons. I will b…

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Open for Commissions~

So, I've just wrapped up my last drawing for folks. Twas a fun batch of work and now I'm ready to take on a new batch! Here's a chart for commission information If you're interested in a commission send me a note here on weasyl or message me on twitter with the following information 1. Keyword/Desc…

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Commissions Queue (open)

Current commission queue: 1. Local Librarian - Game of Thrones like dragon illustration 2. [Quite possibly you!] Feel tree to ask me any questions you may have~

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2016 Goals

Art goals: 1. Draw 20 hours a week; 2 hours each weekday and 10 hours each weekend. 2. Create a graphite drawing on 8.5x11 each week to put into a binder 3. Find more methods of artistic exposure to general populous 4. Do more art trades I will add more to this as goals come to mind. Feel free to s…

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MFF 2015: Smash Tourney

Tl;dr – I got 2nd at a convention tournament At MFF 2015 on saturday night, there was a smash tournament. Compared to last year's event, this was more akin to an actual tournament than last years FFA fest, which was fun in it's own right. After leaving the Artist alley at 5:00 to get signed up and…

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--Notecard Commissions--

I think I'll open up for 5 notecard drawings. Here are some examples In a note just send me a reference image of a character, a key word or short phrase, and I'll draw whatever comes to mind. At work, I got 1 hour worth of breaks. I only use 15 minutes to eat lunch. The rest I could use for drawing…