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Boo3 / nonbinary / The wettest part of Europe

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Short Survey

I put together a short Google survey to try and figure out some stuff. You can find it HERE and I'd really appreciate if you guys could check it out just a little! Many thanks in advance!

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pricing update

Hi guys! Paypal has added a new currency conversion fee, so now every time you withdraw foreign currency they charge you for it. For this reason, and also because I'd been planning this for a while now, to better reflect my workload, I'll be increasing my prices. However, only in the sense that I'l…

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FA shenanigans

So FA reset all of its passwords, and to reset them you need an email. Thing is, I've used email for FA exactly once, and that's when I first joined the site roughly eleven trillion years ago, and the email I used has been lost to time. I've sent support an email explaining the situation and offeri…

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I am in the process of finishing up my last batch of commissions, and I'll be done with those this week. But since a lot of folks have been asking me about it, I figured I might as well open up slots for the next batch. Please note I won't work on these until the current batch is completely finishe…

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Hey folks! I've got a big announcement today: I've started a Patreon! Right now it's little more than a tip jar, but I'm planning to expand it relatively soon, with various proper reward tiers. Right now, though, it's a tip jar and general hub where I'll be posting new art and announcements when I'…

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Alright, I'm full up for the moment! CURRENT COMMISSIONS: DONE! Hey there, folks! I am once again open for commissions! If you're interested, please read this carefully: -I will be opening up THREE slots. -I will currently only be taking sketch and inked commissions. No full-colour yet. -You can fi…

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I have a tumblr now, if any of you folks are at all interested in that sort of thing! You guys can use it to ask me all kinds of stuff about my characters and ideas, as well as just look at art and whatnot. You know, tumblr stuff. You can find it HERE. And don't forget about my FA and SoFurry!

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Pacific Rim, oh my gooooooosh

I've seen it twice already and both times were an incredible experience. I highly recommend it. People were consistently ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the movie, too. It was a genuinely awe-inspiring experience. Del Toro has created not only a superbly entertaining summer blockbuster, but a movie about hu…