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AAH this is too much pressure to write something witty
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Yep, I'll be there! My first AC, and my first furcon in over a decade. GONNA BE FUN

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Open for Commissions

Hey everyone! For the first time in FOREVER, I am opening up for short story commissions (as well as little haikus if you like that sorta thing). I'm happy to write all sorts of stories across a range of ratings, so please check out my Terms of Service and contact me at lobitocommissions@gmail.com…

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Midwest Furfest

Looks like I'm probably going? Haven't bought my ticket or anything yet, but it's in the calendar and looks good. :D Anyone cool going who wants to hang out? (PS: If you're non-creepy and need/want a roomie for room-cost-splitting.... yes plz?)

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Artists You Should Be Watching (With Writeups and Examples)

Hey! So in order to help spread the Weasyl love around and also hopefully make people aware of Weasyl artists they didn't know about! Unlike some other people, I'm going to try to restrict this to about 5 artists per journal, because I know when I see one of those journals with 20+ artists I get ki…

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Ritts comic with adorable gay husbands go support!

Ritts is doing a crowd-funded comic and needs your support. I need you to fund this because I love Ethan and Alan (image NSFW) so much and also Ritts is A-plus awesome people. Go do it; Patreon makes it so you can donate just $1/page which is super easy. (PS: Unrelated I got to go to an awesome con…

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Cheap Iron Artist commissions from Lilyface!

Hey! Did you like that hot harem-husky picture that just got added to my collection?! Do you like getting art?! Good news! Lilyface has a bunch of Iron Artist slots open for similar commissions! Go here to sign up for one. They're ridiculously cheap (a picture that's the same level of detail as the…

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PROJECT BOOST: A Project Community Effort

aka: Lobito shouldn't be allowed to name anymore projects ever again. OKAY SO. I think most of us here would like Weasyl to succeed and flourish. After a big boost of activity in the new year (for reasons we won't discuss in this journal or the comments ok? ok), Weasyl seems to be slowing down a bi…

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Music to listen to: Das Malefitz

So I'm just going to start randomly using this journal to recommend stuff sometimes hope that's cool. Anyway, today: Music! I'm not a fan of a bunch of the Faunts's stuff since it has a filtered-voice-singing thing that I find kind of annoying in songs ("Pumped up Kicks," I am looking at you). But…

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Free art raffle from CrazyDragon

So, I usually don't do the "advertising other people's stuff" thing because I loathe spam-ness stuff. But I'm doing this one because I was actually glad other people I'm following did it, since I might never have seen CrazyDragon's stuff otherwise! So go here and enter a raffle for free art from th…

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Get to know Lobito (meme)

Oh man, feels like the 90s again with this thing going around, I swear I got E-mail forward chains with friends BACK IN THE DAY with this stuff. But hey, new site, new profile, let's do it. What's your real name? Yyyeah, let's not do this one. Lobito, Lo', Libido (yeah, I've gotten that before), wh…