PROJECT BOOST: A Project Community Effort by azurehusky

aka: Lobito shouldn't be allowed to name anymore projects ever again.

OKAY SO. I think most of us here would like Weasyl to succeed and flourish. After a big boost of activity in the new year (for reasons we won't discuss in this journal or the comments ok? ok), Weasyl seems to be slowing down a bit again, and I'm afraid that we might re-cross that tipping point of activity that causes people to migrate elsewhere. SO, we need to revitalize the community here a bit!

Jotaku is doing an awesome job of working on this with Project Community, and there have been some great ideas posed already for how we can keep Weasyl activity up (I'm particularly a fan of Crownless's Project Comment, which is an easy way for us all to help make this a happier, more social space even for those of us that don't have the skills or finances to have raffles or other stuff-for-free occasions).

Project Boost is my suggestion to add to what everyone here at Weasyl can do to help keep activity up and promote a social, friendly environment here at Weasyl. It's easy: Every week (or two weeks, or month, what works for you), make a short journal promoting an artist/writer/etc. on Weasyl you follow and recommend your followers might want to check out! Maybe list a couple of the things you like about them (something about their style? Do they draw/write about/etc. a topic that you also focus on and so your followers might like? Do they just have neat journal entries or get good commissions of cool characters?) and link to a couple of pieces of theirs you think show how awesome they are! It doesn't have to be long, just a couple sentences or so (though, I mean, if you want to write a novella regarding a person's amazingness I bet they won't mind).

If we all do this, it will help create signal-boosting for artists and other Weasylers (is that we call people here??). This means people will get more views, more favourites, and more comments, which will help keep Weasyl alive and active. Since some people are afraid to make Weasyl their primary gallery due to financial reasons (not sufficient following to make enough money on commissions, etc.), helping to cross-pollinate by getting our followers to follow others can help make Weasyl a more attractive place for people to set up! And even if it doesn't attract anyone new, it means those of us already here can spread the love, give some new followers, and hopefully get some in return!

So while I know not everyone will do this, for those of us who can, if you can take a few minutes every week or two and post a journal about one of your favourite Weasyl content-creators, you can help make Weasyl an even better community! If you want to (I will be), try tagging those journals "project_boost" so that people who are on the hunt for more peeps to watch can browse the tag and find lots of great recommendations!

Okay, that's it! Thanks for reading!

PROJECT BOOST: A Project Community Effort


3 February 2014 at 10:33:46 MST

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