Weasyl Rant by CautionCat

Okay so, there have been a lot of people "sucked into the hype" that is weasyl, and yet they don't stick to their guns from moving from a much more awful, yet older, website.

A lot of views from folks I am hearing about who don't like Weasyl is the lack of instant gratification that FurAffinity offers. So, instead of sticking to the move, or posting here on top of wherever, they just leave entirely.

This is why the website is crawling. Because people aren't getting what they want immediately. I damn well know each one of these artists did not start in the spotlight when they first signed up for FA- but why try and rebuild that fanbase on a new website when you have it already?

Honestly, with the amount of utter crap FA has gone through, I am surprised it is even still around. Especially after the grossly insensitive way Dragoneer went and sold the website without an announcement. Or letting anyone who "shared ownership" know of it.

People are lazy when it comes to a new slate. Like I stated previously- why bother doing it all over again, when you have a following on FA? I get it. And it's sad but true- however, if everyone stuck to their guns and kept with Weasyl or whatever other alternative there is, that website would flourish.

People would rather stay on a website filled with lies and drama, then move off to something else, simply because "well everyone knows me here."

Anyway, this is just a rant. It's been a long time coming, considering a lot of folks not interested in the site/hate it because it's "slow" buildup of exposure.

Weasyl Rant


18 November 2015 at 23:07:58 MST

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    Exactly. The site will never become populated if folks keep crawling back to FA.

    It's...kind of lick an analogue for a relationship with an abusive/neglectful spouse.

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    In my case, if I make a big enough of fuss in one location, I will be too ashamed to return to it, especially if I declare that I do not expect to return. Ultimately the slobly administrators matter little in my life, but shame helps me stick to my arbitrary vows. But shame is not highly cultivated on the internet. People live to quit and unquit, without much thought either way. It does frustrate me when people who have accounts on non-furaffinity websites, and are even active on them, will only watch me on the furfy page I want nothing more to do with.

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    Yep, sad but true. And recently I have been seeing a lot of "leaving" journals where they say weasyl is not worth their time, essentially. It's unfortunate.

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    I came here as a backup. I never left FA (or DA) personally, but decided to check out the new site, see those who ran off and just have an extra place to upload.

    FA users (like many internet users in this day and age) have a tendency to follow the bandwagon as a knee-jerk reaction to anything they don't like, whether it be something big or completely irrelevent to them. The common bandwagon on FA is "something bad happened, so we're leaving forever" on the millionth furry exodus that month. But, like you said, since FA is where they are set up with the largest fanbase of watchers that will give them their noteriety (and commissions), it doesn't take long before they make their "triumphant return" (until the next time) and completely forgetting why they left in the first place.

    It is, quite frankly, hillarious to watch... which is why I do just that - watch. I'm not going anywhere, because I have no reason to. If a reason came up that I was actually concerned about, then I would consider it. But what one of the mods ate on a Tuesday is not going to make me delete my FA gallery and run for the next best thing.

    I'm not saying there are legitimate reasons to bail, but clearly, if the people "leaving FA forever (until the next time)" keep coming back, because they don't want to re-upload their gallery or can't make the same commission profits (or worse, Patreon paywallers) as they used to, then clearly whatever they were bitching about must not have been that important after all. Again, which is why I refer to it as a knee-jerk reaction. The people doing the bail-and-return job on FA are doing it out of reaction, not consideration. They're doing it less because they care about the issue and more because that seems to be the "in" reaction. Just another bandwagon people mindlessly jump on.

    Again, this is why I didn't leave FA, but made a Weasyl account to check it out (and keep tabs on the artists I enjoy who jumped ship) - I sat and asked myself "How does this effect me?" and "What is the point of deleting my gallery and moving it elsewhere?". After looking at the situation and asking myself if it would make a difference to hop on the bandwagon out of FA for good, I've simply never came to a point where it's been time to say "So long, and thanks for all the fish." and if more people did that BEFORE bailing on their FA accounts (and everything attatched to them), this back and forth yo-yoing with unfinished, barely used Weasyl accounts wouldn't be an issue.

    I guess that's just my opinion on the matter. And again, not saying this is you or every FA artist who's left FA to join Weasyl... but it is a lot of them.

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      It's an awful cycle of bullshit, and I wish more people would stick to their guns. Not everyone started popular when they first signed up to FA- so giving a newer website with much more features and no empty promises would work out in the long run.

      However, people saying it's not worth their time going between places and using weasyl as another outlet is someone who wants instant gratification on their work. Sadly, that is never how it works.

      For someone who watches, this really isn't much of an issue. You make an account, find the people you like, and go from there. It'll never matter what website it is- as long as someone you like to see their stuff is there, then you'll be there.

      So, if some BIG artist jumped ship, stuck to their guns, people would be more or less forced to follow. A lot of folks hate this website for a number of reasons- even to the point of "ew, folders? That's stupid!" and it just kind of boggles my mind when there are other people harping at FA to update and support these similar features.

      Hell, people would make separate accounts on FA to post specific themes. They do it on tumblr, too. It's like... you have to log out of one thing, or make sure you're posting whatever on the right account. All you do here is select a drop down. Bam. Right folder.

      Either or, people will complain and bitch and moan for the sake of it. I feel a lot of people stick to FA because they secretly like the website, no matter how shitty it becomes. I jumped to Weasyl because oh look FINALLY an art website that isn't fucking FA.

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        True enough. Again, that's why it's so funny to watch these mass furry exodus events. I used to get really annoyed whenever my journal inbox on FA was flooded with people joining the drama bandwagon, but then I began seeing the pattern and began to laugh at it. So many people would act SO OFFENDED by whatever minor thing happened or might be happeneing that they'd all get up and run away... then a month or so later, they're back like nothing ever happened, so much so that they wouldn't even post about the issue anymore.

        Guess whatever that issue wasn't really all that important to them after all.

        It's almost like these "escape FA before it's too late" is the trendy thing to do. It's so stupid in many ways. The only downside is that it devalues those who legitimately find problems that make them permanently want to leave and, like you said, stick to their guns about it.

        Seriously, why protest an issue on FA by leaving the site, only to come back because that's where your money is? If you come back, FA's mods know they got you by the balls and can get away with anything. It's like Microsoft and the XBox One in that way - they're perfectly content with shelling out the same thing over and over without doing anything good for their fanbase (far from it), but people keep paying them, so it's okay. Only when something obviously bad for the player (like their always-on internet DRM protection systems and the Kinect always on to watch you) and the fan base opens their eyes for the first time long enough to see the mistake and jump ship does Microsoft notice and say "Okay, we won't do that. Here's a Halo. That'll make you feel better right? Halo will make you not hate us anymore? Need more? Here's another Halo? That work? Good."

        It's the "you vote with your wallet" concept here, only replace wallet with usage. If you choose to leave the site until something is done, they won't learn. Too bad so few people leave for good.

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          No and they never will learn from this until the site itself becomes so unmanageable or worse.

          IMVU accidentally porn ads all over the website within the first month. If that's not a sign of them not giving a fuck, I don't know what is.

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    there's actually another website that's currently in testing that basically transfers all your watches/Account info from Furaffinity to their website's cache, and when someone makes an account and they associate it with their FA account, it'll automatically rewatch/favorite anything you've put up that you put up/they put up. I beleive it clones your entire gallery too. It's intense, but a friend of mine is testing it and so far says that it's going well....I'll send you a note with it's info. You hit the nail on the head with fa's whole thing about having pre-established bs basically.

    Love yah, cat woman. Stay cool.

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      There were actually third party websites that clone for you when weasyl was first a thing, and I believe it is still up and running but I don't remember the link. It was posted on LULZ.net a while ago.

      It wasn't like, the best but it was able to find the artists you were watching on FA.

      I know there's some other website now called FurryNetwork that's in early stages but I'm not particularly interested in a strictly furry-themed website. I am just a flea on the back of the fandom.

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    I've given this sort of thing a lot of thought. As a professional web developer, I had often entertained the idea of setting up my own "FA-killer" art site, but I came to the realization that it could never overtake FA on its own merits. These huge social sites don't lose their userbase for something a trivial as admin drama or slightly better features. There are two examples I can think of where such a userbase turnover did happen:

    1: MySpace vs. Facebook. There was a time when MySpace was the leading social media site, and Facebook was an upstart. Facebook focused on being a social site for regular people, while MySpace, for some reason, decided it was more important to make features that let bands promote their music. Musicians really liked this! ..everybody else felt betrayed and left for Facebook.

    2: Digg vs Reddit. Both were news aggregate sites, where the content was controlled by a user-voting system. When Digg started allowing companies to circumvent the user-voting process and just buy spots on the top of the list, everybody left for Reddit.

    These big social sites only fall when there is an outright betrayal to the kind of content they provide. FA is only filled with lies and drama if you're paying attention to the admins. If you're just there for the furry porn, it's only visible in whiny journals that you probably don't read. Unless the FA admins purposefully disrupt the flow of furry porn, there can be no mass exodus from FA.

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      I suspect that, given time, the new owners will disrupt it. They just can't be /that/ happy about being owners of a porn-sharing website. xD

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      Unless IMVU decides to shit all over it, if your examples of a turnover really do something about it. Neer sold the website to a larger company, so who knows what they'll do with it. Considering their rules about adult content...... It's up in the air at this point.
      I know the biggest loss for an art website was Sheezy art, when the guy running it decided that porn was no longer allowed. That was probably the quickest turnover I had ever witnessed. That was when FA started up, and people basically abandoned ship and went there because oh hey porn.

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      know a fellow artist that leave for weasyl as they got harassed by the moderators, and i have a feeling its not gonna be isolated case either.

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    I signed up for this originally because someone I know works on the project and I wanted to support their work.

    When Dragoneer announced that not only had he sold FA out to the scumshits at IMVU, but that he'd done so months prior and not informed the userbase, I added Waxpost to Chrome, moved everything I had over here, and burned my FA archives to the ground.

    This place was booming for a while after that, but everyone seems to have forgotten that IMVU is scum and that Dragoneer still runs FA under their management, and just keeps posting there. It's frustrating because the shit on FA that people are now gushing over is stuff that Weasyl's had from the beginning.


    Nevermind that it's been here since the beginning...

    Hello fellow ranter! :D

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      FA actually has folders now? The shit they have said they were going to implement to the website since... fucking forever?
      When are they going to actually change the interface like they said they would all those years ago?

      I mean, good for them. Folders. But will they ever have an incident where it took Yak literal YEARS to re-enable the search feature??

      It seems like they decided to hop onto that, seeing that weasyl just offered it off the bat- and dA has been offering it since the dawn of time.

      But really, no one cares about what kind of drama or bullshit a website has. As long as there is a large userbase with a way to gain lots of exposure... they will stay there.

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    hmm, a very good point, sadly i feel like i'm stuck getting commissions thru FA as most of the artists are still on there. plus iv been kinda slipping on posts here, just got to take time on a day off and post the new things i think. i hardly care about watchers so its morso just keeping these two updated.

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      Yeah, as long as FA has a huge userbase it doesn't matter how good another website is... Oh well.

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    i agree FA is a cesspool, but still have to use the POS site for people refuse to move (dont advert as even bernal cant get his banners upp as imvus takes over everything now) as its "convenient and everyone i know is there" so i will alter some elements and prolly have weasyl have higher rezolution of images along with HF and fa gets even smaller versos to make it note as being inferior, and just suggest here or my patreon.