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That guy who is a moose!
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This is my relatively new Weasyl account! More of my art can be found either at NaniMoose's Smut Emporium or FurAffinity.

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Doing some freebies! (Closed)

on 6 December 2016 at 17:40:43 MST

It's becoming a tradition of sorts for me to do a few art freebies around holiday time.. So let's do this!

Pitch me some ideas! Is there some character pairing or fetish you'd like to see me take on? Maybe an OC or Rule 34 you'd like to see in my style? Just leave a comment here in the journal, or send me a private message. I'll be picking a few that sound like fun things to draw... and drawing them! :O

[This raffle is closed! Journal still exists for reference.]

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    I loved playing with your "Moosebound" mod for Starbound in earlier beta... and now I see it's updated with new features I haven't seen! ...For a beta version that's no longer available. XD Any chance of seeing it updated for the release version of Starbound? After finishing the actual storyline (playing as Floran) I'd love to dick around with a naughty moose character again. >:3

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      Ahh.. Well I'm enjoying the new Starbound too, but they completely changed what was my favorite part of my mod, the ship AI. It used to drive most missions and game progress, but it plays a much smaller role now. Soooo, I'm not sure yet how I'll tackle this new structure, or if I'll make an update at all :/

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        Aw. Well, at least I had fun with it back in beta. Glad you're having fun too! =^.^= I got distracted from it the last few days by the Metroid 2 Remake.

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        get the Racial AI Restorer off the workshop in steam, it helps

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    Just wanted to say I love your art! ^^

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    I street passed you at Furfest! Your Mii is fantastic but your art more so! Thank you for sharing it!!

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    Guess it was pretty much inevitable huh?