Weasyl is cool by GuNMouTH

I really like how Weasyl handles itself.

Seems very quick and professional.

Some of the features take a while to get used to, but once you get used to it, it's all good.

Keep it up!

Weasyl is cool


19 December 2013 at 19:14:46 MST

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    Please keep posting art here, I want to see how they handle it when there's 8+ million submissions and thousands of trolls. =)

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      I've been really curious if they'll be able to handle the strain of a serious flow of submissions and user traffic too. Will definitely be interesting to see over the next month or so how well it all holds up.

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        I'm more interested in how they handle the social network aspect of things - keeping users in line and bopping trolls and such. I don't think the technical challenges are especially difficult, personally. Running a site as large as FA should be simple enough from a programming and data management point of view - assuming the people running it know WTF they're doing.

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    Yuuush! you keep it up tooo!!

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    What do YOU KNOW.

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    Here here. I like that my Submission alerts from my watch list can be categorized into sections. With FA I have this WALL of submissions, sometimes I miss a few. But here they can be organized cleanly and easily for me too look through <3

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    I can only agree.

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    Still needs to be mobile/tablet friendly though. You can't "mouse over" on a touch-only device. And android users especially who are using something other than Firefox or IE. Though Google Nexus uses a version of Chrome for obvious reasons. My Kindle Fire HD Tablet can't show certain data due to how you have to mouse over the thumbnails to see it.