Who Folllows Me Here Exclusively? by Ausup

I'm curious~

But is anyone following me here that doesn't follow me on Fur Affinity or Ink Bunny?

I'm not trying to promote my other galleries or anything, just truly curious about that, so please let me know! x3

Otherwise, how are you guys liking Weasyl so far?

I'm not gonna lie - things seem to be moving mighty slow over here o.o

Who Folllows Me Here Exclusively?


13 October 2013 at 10:57:58 MDT

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    Agreed on the speed thing, though I'm also not really going out of my way to get involved or see what's going on >.> Doesn't help that Weasyl defaults to hiding many notifications from people you watch, last I checked!

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      I know it sounds like a silly thing to do, but I used Shiuk as a means of comparison - his pictures get an average of 60-80 views here, and he has like.. 126 watchers I think. That's SHIUK. Kinda makes me wonder if this place is never gonna kick it into gear, because it's an amazing website, it deserves a lot more attention than it's getting o.<

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        Yeah, makes me wonder what exactly the issue is and what it'll take to fix it. Personally, I think this is something the site staff should be handling, rather than us random users, but I dunno what they're doing to know what might be higher priority than getting people to use their site XD

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    I'm watching you on FA and Weasyl. It's a good website with a lot of interesting features. And I don't know the reason why things are moving slow here.

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      I think they need a PR guy to shake things up, maybe start some contests or whatever it is they need to do to get people in. Honestly, if you compare Fur Affinity and Weasyl, it's like Detroit and Tokyo - who WOULDN'T wanna trade the features that Tokyo offers considering they live in a bankrupt city? The only problem is they already have family and friends there.

      Weasyl needs to target the masses and not just have people trickling down to their website, but really promote a hustle to make a big number of people try it out at once, give it a boost to kickstart it for good.

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    Every time I go to submit a new picture everywhere I pause to consider not posting it here at all. It's just that I get so little attention here.. it's a great site, I agree, but damn if it's not also pretty much dead around here. :<

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      I know, it really is. Like I mentioned to Kitashi, if you want to have an idea of how dead it is check out Shiuk's gallery here, and how many views one of his pictures usually gets, and then check his other online galleries. It pretty much says it all. I almost feel like we're real pioneers here, because there really isn't much action going on.

      And I know that "should I even bother?" feeling, but in the end it takes like 1 minute of my day to upload something here, and would like to know I'm doing what I can to help this place take off because I really like the features and I do believe in the staff and their goal. I just really think we're more in need of some PR right now than improving the hardware/software behind the website.

      Nevertheless, I know it sounds all froo-froo, but I'm glad I got to meet you by jumping in here, otherwise I might've missed your adorable art :3