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Halloween YCH on FA - Few Spots Left!

Two of the spots have already been claimed! Two others have been bid on - hurry up and don't miss your chance!

Bidding should end soon after the spots are filled, and I do plan on delivering this before Halloween, so the quicker it fills the better the chances it arrives early! ^^

PS.: If you don't have an FA account, Tweet your bid/pose at me and I can update it there for you! (I'll definitely see a message on Twitter but I might not check Weasyl!)

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Digital Badge / Single Character / Single Sided
$ 60.00
add  Double Sided Badge (Mirrored Artwork on Printed Badge)
$ 20.00
add  FREE Premium 4x6" Print / Lamination / Shipping
$ 0.00


Single Character / Fully Shaded / No Background
$ 100.00
add  per Extra Character (Discounts for 3 or More Characters)
$ 50.00
add  per Premium 13x19" Print / Shipping Included
$ 25.00


Front / Back / Character Information
$ 80.00
add  per Additional View
$ 20.00
add  per Detail Shots (Paw, Maw, Accessory, Head, Tattoos, etc...)
$ 20.00


Single Character / Fully Shaded / Moderate Complex Background
$ 150.00
add  per Extra Character (Discounts for 3 or More Characters)
$ 50.00
add  per Premium 13x19" Print / Shipping Included
$ 30.00

The PRICING seen here is merely a guideline so that the prospective commissioner can know what to expect depending on their idea - more complex themes, characters or backgrounds will add to the base cost of the selected tier (while scenarios containing 3 or more characters may get substantial discounts per character). I'm a very accessible, communication-oriented artist. If you have an idea please DROP ME A NOTE and we can discuss it further, as well as prospective pricing and necessary adjustments.

As far as my PROCESS goes, you'll be as much part of it as you wish to be, meaning I can either offer you multiple updates on the work in progress or just shut up and draw it 'til the end. If you choose to take part in the creative process, then, you'll be constantly informed of updates, and I will not deem the work finished until you are completely satisfied with it.

That being said, if even after trying over and over I cannot reach the desired result then you, the commissioner, are free to pay me half the agreed price upwards, depending on what you feel like the finished product's worth. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is my number one priority - making sure you feel like part of the creative process by bouncing back ideas, keeping you informed and showing you updates is my second priority.

Commissioning art shouldn't be a mere service - it should be a fun experience shared by both the commissioner and the artist! I don't believe in it being a one-sided process.

PAYMENT should be made through PAYPAL, and in American Dollars (USD) - I will rarely accept any other form of compensation. I prefer being paid only after the work is done. I know that's not how it usually goes, but that's just to show my commitment to your satisfaction and my respect for you as a commissioner, both reasons why I'm a part of Trusted Artists.



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    Fo' sho'. Thanks for the paws!

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