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I had quite an adventure! by Hazel3

I went to the beach today and saw lots of cute fish in the rockpools today :3 I enjoyed paddling in the sea and rockpools and watching the smol fish swim by ^w^ Before I headed home I had some travel bubbles with me so I did a little bubble blowing which was nice ^-^ My imaginary friend was there too! me and Izzy where looking at the beach view, enjoying some of our last moments of the hot sunny beach since we wont be getting lovely weather like this until next year <:3 But I'm glad autumn gave us one final heatwave before the weather gets bad.. ÚwÙ On the way home I got an ice cream cone of bubblegum and white chocolate flavours with a flake plus I got some gum fries and a new light up wand! It's glittery and lights up rainbow ^w^ I'll probably use when fursuiting so I can be Witch Hazel X3 I do plan to make my own custom light up wand for my fursuit tho I plan on making a foam based shooting star wand that will light up yellow at the top and you can switch it on and off. Making it foam based would probably be alot easier for me since I can't really make things from materials like plastic ^-^; I'm still a beginner maker okay ^w^; But don't worry! Perhaps someday I'll learn >:3
While I was waiting for the bus I enjoyed the ice cream, and then the bus came and I finished it on the bus. I'm glad they were laidback about me eating on the bus :3 I'm not a messy person so no worries, Ima clean gal UwU The bus driver told me he can only go as far as the shopping area in my hometown but I accepted anyway because I can always walk back :3 We were right beside the Co-op when I dropped off from the bus so I decided to do some shopping there and grab some more goodies, and I was about to walk home with heavy shopping until I found another bus! I managed to catch that in time and we drove towards that shop that's nearby my house. Boy was I lucky to catch that bus! Otherwise I'd be a while longer walking home with heavy bags and that wouldn't be as enjoyable as before.. ^-^; But anywho, I returned to my neighbourhood and had a chat with one of the neighbours :3 I should try and be less shy and chat to others locally more, I usually talk to others if they talk to me first but I could be coming out of my shell more when it comes to them neighbours. Ah well, it'll take time UwU Maybe I'll make new friends! :D Oh and here I am back home now :3 It was quite an adventure today but it was fun!
Here's a summery/tropical song that was playing in my head all day: Loved that song since when I was little ^-^
I love summer so much, I'm so gonna miss it when it goes :< But at least it'll be back next year! And who knows? I might be able to go on vacation to somewhere nice and warm during the winter ^-^ Let's hope I'll be able to! But yeah today was really nice :3

Please be nice when commenting! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all
Thankies for checking out my post! Meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ

I had quite an adventure!



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    Glad you had fun! :)

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      thanks! :D

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        You’re welcome! :)

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    So glad to hear you had fun! :D

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      thank you! ^w^ i'm glad i made the most of the good weather since that was our final heatwave of 2021. we wont get good weather like this until next year <:o the next day became dull and rainy so it's good i went out while it was nice :3
      2021 is also the year i started bus journeys all on my own and i've made alotta progress :D i usually go to beach town though i plan on trying other places too someday!