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How was your Christmas? by Hazel3

Hi! I hope you had a fun Christmas! ^-^
I got a few build a bears, some plushies, some lip balm, 2 music boxes, even a kigu that looks like Zack! I put on some xmas dinner and had chicken, haggis, parsnip, pigs in blankets, potatoes, and lots of gravy! for drinks we had mango monster and some irn bru :D i spent christmas with my sister and it was fun! i watched her play digimon world for the playstation as i played dressup with my build a bears :3 i also wore my kitty kigu that looks like Zack's cat form, and we binge watched the pirate anime One Piece! :D
It was a really nice christmas, I hope your's was too!

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

How was your Christmas?



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    WAs Good. I have a greenhouse now and I am trying to grow Bonsais I got. Im super excited to try to grow them. MINI TREEEEEES!!!!!

    Your Dinner sounds interesting. I've never eaten parsnips before or haggis so I can't imagine the taste of the food you ate. Mine was icky sweet ham. :U I should make christmas meatloaves again. That was good.

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      aw bonsais are cute ^-^ do you have a favourite tree? mine's blossoms cos I love flowers, especially when they smell nice :D i also love nice smelling things in general! i could go up to a candle store and sniff every single candle XD

      they're really nice, i recommend it! but most of all i definitely recommend irn bru ^w^ don't worry it's not alcoholic (even though it does look like it) i don't really drink anyway but it's a really sweet soda with an indescribable unique taste. i think it's only in scotland but i'm sure you can get it online! i sometimes buy american candy online but i'm glad the uk started selling some too, like reeses are gooood :3 i hope the uk starts selling jolly rancher drinks, twinkies, and marshmallow fluff cos i love them ^-^

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    I'm glad you had a good holiday season! :D

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      thanks! ^-^ i hope your's was good too! :D

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        You're welcome! :D

        It was nice! :)

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          that's really good! ^w^

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            Yeah! :D