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i'm scared..very scared... ÓʌÒ by Hazel3

h-hey uh.. so i have some bad news and uhh.. i hope you don't mind if i vent also ÓʌÒ;
lo siento.. estoy muy asustada y preocupada ;~;
so lately, my instagram keeps getting locked due to suspicious activity, and lately this has been happening almost every morning. i've had to change my password twice now cos of it, and i have a bad feeling someone's out to get me.. {{ (>_<) }}
i just wish it would all just stop! not only that but my antiviruses have been blocking a few threats every few days. i mean at least my computer's still protected but who keeps doing this? why?? i never did anything? if it's the haters then i swear, the hate has gone too far. way too far. and it needs to stop. now.
i'm not even doing anything.. all i ever wanted was to feel happy, safe, loved, and at peace.. it seems i'm not allowed to feel this way... QʌQ

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

i'm scared..very scared... ÓʌÒ


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    Perhaps look into 2FA for Instagram to keep your account secure:
    As for the antivirus thing, hmm, not too sure how to help you there. Have you been to shady sites lately?

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      recently i just heard that alot of instagrammers are experiencing being locked out and constant password changes so i'm glad it's just a glitch and not a hack..whew..! <=D
      and i don't think i've been on any new sites recently besides pixiv which i think seems safe to me

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        I see, I don't use Insta, nor really see the appeal. I've made 2 accounts there at separate times, and it just hasn't reached me. But anywho, Pixiv is fine.

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    Things like that always seem to happen more often around this time of year. I remember that happened to my Hotmail account a couple years back--and I'd had my Hotmail account for about 20 years with no problems. @_@

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      something i don't get is.. why does the worst things always have to happen on christmas month? D: 2 years ago on december my ocs along with their artwork almost got stolen, which is why i watermark my works now.. :< i wish i was less unlucky as bad luck always tends to happen to me >.<;

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        Yeah, I hear ya. It’s like all the weirdos suddenly pop out of nowhere in December. :/

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          yeahh it almost feels like bad people just want to ruin our christmas.. :c though i think weird is okay as long as it's harmless, i'll admit i'm not normal and i like to take weird as a compliment cos well, that's just who i am UwU normal's boring anyway..weird is different and unique. i rather be a weird kid than a grownup normie X3

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            True! :)