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We've come a long way.. UwU + There is hope after all! by Hazel3

It is soon to be 2 years since I've joined Weasyl. Thank you Weasyl for being my happy place πŸ’›πŸ’› I've been to many other art sites but I think Weasyl is my fave ^w^ I'm glad to have migrated from Deviantart to this site here, I'm glad I'll finally be at peace, away from all the bad people.. UwU Deviantart was very mean to me, but Weasyl is different from most sites I've been on. The community just seems nicer y'know? That's why I like it! I hope this site continues to be a cool place ^-^

Also, it's 3 months until my birthday! I'm gonna be 21 on the 29th october :D Time sure goes quick! Like 3 months already? wow! :O I'm still gonna be a kid and no one's gonna stop me >:3 I'll be a kid if I wanna! Never grow up >w<

Also it seems there's a corona virus vaccine in the making! This makes me so happy :D Though it means getting scary injections but if it's to save the world, I gotta get the courage to! There's still hope to save 2020! Or even make 2021 a better year. I knew it! I knew there's hope! ^w^
2020 isn't exactly the worst year for me, it was mainly 2018 I don't like cos of bullies and toxicity on Deviantart. Not only that but too many good people passed away, including my dog :<

I've actually been keeping calm all the way through the covid situation. I've been distracting myself with my fave indoor hobbies while texting my pals, I've not only been keeping calm but I've been staying safe too! It's good to do both cos it's always better to be safe than sorry, but you also wanna keep yourself happy too ofcourse!

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

We've come a long way.. UwU + There is hope after all!



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    You’re still so young! :)

    I’m glad that your country seems to have progressed well on COVID-19 stuff. I hope getting a vaccine will let loves settle back to some kind of normal! :)

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      It's good to be young! But even if you aren't it's still also good to feel young too ^w^ Just remember you're never too old for anything and that it's okay to have fun and be yourself :3
      I hope it works too! If it does, I'm sure we can spread it worldwide for everyone :> I really miss going on day outs so it would be nice to go to them again :D

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        Everyone needs something to look forward to, this year--from as simple as a birthday to as important as a vaccine. I think it's great you're getting some of both where you're at. :)

        There are days when I feel pretty old, that's for sure. But I'm alive and [mostly] healthy--so, I can't complain. XD

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          yea! i'm also moving out too! :D apparently i'm also gonna be rich too so i might do a little kindness every now and then but my mum keeps pestering me to spend for her and I don't wanna >.< shes always mean to me so i rather spend for someone who's nice to me. I also wanna follow my hopes and dreams with that money and treat myself maybe a little more often. But I also gotta be careful with my money, especially right now cos I kinda need most of it for moving out ^-^;

          that's really good that you're healthy! honestly i'll admit i'm not very healthy.. ^w^; i love my sweet stuff! I'm surprised I'm still thin or average, I love crisps and chips and lots of chicken and instant noodles and salty cashews and popcorn and omigosh soda especially irn bru and ice cream and doughnuts and candeeeh!! OvO don't worry i still like a few healthies! i like milk, especially cartoned milk, i also like pineapples and lightly spotted bananas and roast chicken and rice and i like to eat half a layer of raw onion (or two) with my meals and possibly some snacks. if it's small layer then i take a few, i find it's good that i like raw onions (well not on it's own) cos it helps fight off germs and once at work, almost everyone caught a cold except for me :o sorry i could go on about food all day, i'm such a foodie XDD

          i think once i move out, i wanna play more sports games cos i really need to exercise more. i'm quite interested in basketball as i'm quite good at running and bouncing the ball, and i'm better at catching than throwing but i'm bad at aiming the net. i also wanna play volleyball, tennis, badminton, and go swimming once in a while and go to discos more ^w^ i love to dance too!

          i think i'm pretty much a deviantart immigrant, but most of all a deviantart refugee cos i moved to this site here to escape all my troubles and finally be at peace. deviantart. is. stupid. lol XD don't worry i'm much happier now since i moved here UwU
          ohh heck, sorry for the huge long message! i have alot to say sometimes.. <=D

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            To have good goals with that in mind is great--just be sure to keep up a good savings account when you can, because you never know what can happen. Especially in the world today, where it's been proven that a virus can debilitate humanity and cause more problems than just an illness would.

            As I get older and realize my poor eating habits of the past really did damage to my body, I've been trying hard to do better. Since I'm in pre-menopause, I've been reading about things you "really should" eat to restore nutrients and stuff to your body's fading hormonal balance. Green tea isn't as tasty as a Dr. Pepper, but I'll get used to it! chuckle I have underlying health issues to keep in mind as I get older too and I need to try hard to get better--admittedly being in lockdown for two months, I ate stuff that was really horrible for me. laughs I have to fix all that progress I made and damaged now!

            Trying out some sports is a good thing! I hope you find something to suit your new, upcoming lifestyle! :D

            I hope that sometime those other sites will find their "problems" and fix them, so that users can be happier on them--but as long as staff and administration try to remain distant (as it was over at Fur Affinity), you won't have much progress there. I do like that the staff, even as small as it is, tries very hard to keep Weasyl maintained and make it as good a site as possible. It's a better environment--I wish people would understand that and not just pop in when DeviantArt or Fur Affinity are "broken", spam upload and then leave when those sites come back up. You can't complain about "not having enough viewers" here, when you put no effort into being here and maintaining your page regularly. No one wants to follow a basically "inactive account"!

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              yea! don't worry i have a savings :3

              also that's very true, while i felt like giving up on sofurry and twitter, i still continued to post there cos i still occasionally get a few notifications, even though i get bored receiving none ^-^;
              weasyl is more than just a backup site after all! it's also my happy place ^w^ so many awesome people on there! :D like you!

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                It's always good to have that fallback cushion, my sister has always had a very hard time doing that and it was always up to family (mom and me) to bail her out more times than should've been necessary. wry laugh

                I remember just always being stressed out on FA, I admit I followed a bunch of people and the fact that half of the uploads I'd get in a day were advertisements (YCH's, commission-taking, etc.) felt a lot more exhausting than getting 100 uploads that were actually legitimate art. laughs This place is much better, I'm seeing real art from people and not advertising in the form of uploads. Plus, the environment and people seem to be much nicer for sure. :)

                Thanks! :D

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                  i like to try my best to be well prepared for anything, i think it's better to be that way than to be unprepared :3

                  yeahh ads can be a real bother sometimes.. i guess they're only good if you're actually interested but otherwise, nope!

                  yea, no prob ^w^

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                    It's true--you just never know what'll happen, you just have to try and be as ready as possible. :)

                    It always felt like artists never posted art anymore, just advertising most of the time. I know for some people, they rely on commissions, but it's tiring to never see the results of commissions, just advertising all the time. It is what it is, though--I usually like admiring artist's works and learning about how they do their art. :)


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                      yea, always expect the unexpected :3 that's what i do! i'm quite a cautious and timid person so i can sometimes sense when bad things are about to happen. and when people don't listen to my warnings, and they happen, i'm either like "knew it" or "you see? i told you so!" it's always good to have that one friend in the group who's always looking out for others and warning about any possible dangers. though fearfulness can be good and bad, you're constantly worrying about everything and scared of most things, but you're also good at avoiding dangerous things and situations, and warning others about it. i like to try and be well prepared for anything, that way i wont have to worry so much, like if i leave something behind that i actually need is an example

                      yea i getcha, art is fun to make but also fun to look at too! i love drawing, it's so much fun and it's a really good hobby too! i love to admire my fanart especially, i love and appreciate all gifts! also learning art tips are always very handy :3 i really hate criticism and critics always say "oohh but it's the only way to improve.." when that's actually false information and i never believe that. you can still improve on art if you practice, use refs, and check out lots of tips, tricks, and advice. there are tons of ways to improve without criticism, and you don't even need to go to art school in order to be a professional artist :3 you can still be self taught and be a really good artist, just remember to have lots of fun in the making of your art ^w^ all of my art and projects are made with love, i take my time and never rush. it's also very rewarding at the end when you finish it :D

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                        Definitely. In today's world, I don't think you can predict anything at all. So, it's definitely best to be prepared for anything, especially now. nods

                        I think there's a difference between helpful and hurtful criticism. If you just come down on a pose poorly executed, but don't have an offer of how to make it better--that's hurtful in some ways, even if people don't think it isn't. I think if you say "this pose could be improved if......" and offer a description of using lines or circles or something to be truly helpful, then that's good criticism.

                        I think the only true way to love art is to enjoy doing it. If you're doing it simply to make money, I feel that can become stressful. But I feel like that for many jobs. I know sometimes people take jobs because they have to, but I think if you don't care or enjoy what you're doing in any way--the stress will eat away at you for how much you hate it or think it's too much work. You should try to find some small thing about your job or your art that you love, so that it will never hurt you and make you hate it. :)

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                          thing is, i've had alot of bad experiences with critics. maybe some think they're being "helpful" but really it makes me self conscious on the drawings i was proud of, and they make me feel like i'm not good enough. people used criticism as a way to bully me, especially to try and get away with bullying. i just don't like being bossed around on my own art. critics keep telling me to change my character's designs, especially in order to follow dumb design trends. and i've had quite alot of critics boss me around on how to draw like "oh make the eyes smaller, make the nose bigger, oh make it uncute" like excuse me but this is my art and characters, i can do whatever i like with them. besides i know what i'm doing, i've been drawing for years. i'm sorry but i just don't like any kinds of criticism whether it's "good" or not. please understand that i've been bullied alot and have learnt that criticism is bad for me. i don't mind if people like it as long as they aren't forcing me or aren't persuading me into it. if people themselves want to take criticism then that's okay. but if people force me to take it or like it then that's not okay. no offense, just please try to understand and accept me for who i am. i've had bad experiences okay? :<

                          yeahh i have heard some people who love their jobs, these peeps are like so lucky :3 but yea if it's only you that's just working, like if you're making fursuits and stuff all by yourself then i think you can get away with taking breaks more, cos breaks are just as important as work. you gotta rest and recover in order to work better ^w^ but yea it must suck losing interest in a hobby cos of a job :< i hope i don't end up like that!

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                            Yeah, I feel like in today's world--people don't know how to "critique with kindness". They think they're being helpful in their suggestions, but they may not be if they don't offer any advice. Just saying something looks wrong without tips to better it isn't really "constructive criticism". It's a very fine line to be nice about something like this and to simply be snarky or critical. I only offer help anymore if someone asks. :)

                            Also, I think people don't understand what it's like to find "your own style"--so that you are different than other artists. That may be giving characters "big eyes" or some other unique thing you do to make your artwork yours. It takes a really long time to get to something where a person can look at it and say "THAT'S SO-AND-SO!" without looking at the name attached to a work. There's an artist on here, Kludge--they've found their own uniqueness in art and I don't think anyone in this world could ever copy it. I think as you take your art and evolve it and everything over many years, you find what works for you. My chibis (which are my best things to do) have STILL evolved a lot over the years--as I try to find a way to make it "me" and not make it "inspired by some manga artist". chuckle If you look at chibis I posted here in 2015 and then chibis I've posted recently in 2020--you can see a definite difference in look to them! XD

                            Heck, I can't even do digital linework--it does not matter how much I mess with pen sensitivity, it will never match the solidness and not-wobbly of my handdrawn linework. That's why I still do linework by hand and ONLY color it in a digital program. I'm too sad and frustrated with linework on a tablet..........but I can manage to color with fair decency. wry laugh No matter who I ask, they don't offer actual help, they just tell me to watch something on YouTube and that is never any actual help whatsoever. I remember asking about the "magic lasso" tool and all I got was "you just trace and then it works".........uh, yeah, no. That didn't work whatsoever. Maybe something like that only works for digital lineart anyways, which I can't do. Most people won't actually help, they'll point you at online videos and, it's even hard to get help to learn something when you ask about it. sigh

                            I work at a Library and the first thing people say--I bet you read a lot! laughs I LOVE READING, but ever since I became full-time, I don't have as much time to read as I did when I was in school or just working part-time. I have 2 days off a week and one of them is always spent on errands (paying bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry, etc.), so that leaves me one single day for hobbies and then I have to decide which one I want to do! In short, I have not read much in recent years--not as much as I'd like to. XD It can be hard to find time for your loves and your hobbies when you have a job, but you just do your best! :)

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                              hh thank you for understanding ;w; honestly i was worried there would be a disagreement or something, cos quite often i get people who love criticism too much and they'd try to argue with me when i say i don't like it for a good reason :< i always end up having to block people who disrespect me, and also to end drama cos i don't really like fighting about stuff.. i try and avoid it as much as i can, cos it's scary and i just want things to be peaceful and happy :c

                              yeah i think it's really cool to have your own unique style :3 a style that's different from everyone else, and that it's recognisable that makes you go "heeey i know this artist! :D" i also like to make my oc designs simple but unique, but i also would like others to get to know my characters more :3 that's why i've started an ask ocs! ^w^ i'm currently working on the comics, they take forever but it's still really fun! i've only got this and 2 more to do then i'll open up the asks again. :3 it must be so nice to be noticed and loved, though it'll also be so cool to have popular ocs too ^w^ don't worry i still draw for fun, and appreciate all the love i have right now :3 i may not be popular and i may only have like little amount of fans, but i love and appreciate all of them :> quite often fans will end up being my friend too, heh! XD i love making friends lol i'll be friends with anyone as long as they're nice X3

                              i love chibi styles! though i prefer chibis with the kawaii anime eyes rather than the dot eyes. my chibi style also took years to settle into something i liked. i tried to go for something simple but also looked good. my ask ocs comics are my new chibi style btw! i still use my old cartoonime style but i now have 2 styles now ^w^ i love em both :3 lol why is it that some people think chibi is pronounced "chibby", i find that strange XD that sounds kinda like chubby tbh, i even seen some youtube videos saying "how to pronouce chibi" but they aren't really pronounced correctly. i think it's pronounced "cheebee" i heard that's the correct way to pronouce the word, it's even pronounced like that in the japanese translation i think :3 yea i should see your chibi style sometime, it sounds good!

                              i can do both digital and traditional art, though i usually prefer to do digital as i don't have anything that takes good quality pics of my traditional art.. like i could take a photo of it but it might not be the best quality and stuff.. ^-^; psst! i could help you with digital art if you wanna, i got some helpful tips if you'd like to hear em ;3 what program do you use? i use medibang paint! i find medibang is nice and easy, though i stick to version 15 as my computer doesn't like the newer versions and tends to crash more.. i don't really like gimp tbh, it's a bit too confusing and the layout is very unsatisfying.. oh gosh, that's not how the lasso works! the lasso is meant for selecting a certain area of the picture, and you can edit that part of the pic by copying and pasting, moving and flipping it, or just using the transform/rotation tool :3 sorry i'm very bad at explaining but i thought of something that could really help your lineart! do you ever get that your lines are a bit shaky and squiggly? well if you set the stabiliser to a certain number then it can really smoothen out your lines! this is especially helpful if you're a mouse artist like i was (i now use a tablet) just see what number range works best for you ^w^ trust me it helps! also the stabiliser has different names on some drawing apps, like medibang calls it the "correction" tool. i'm really sorry if i'm bad at explaining, if you need anymore tips and tricks, just lemme know okay ^w^ i really hope this helped!

                              reading's alright :3 i'm not really much into books but it's good you like em! i guess i'm more into short poems that rhyme, i actually made a comedy poem about hating donald trump XD if you don't like him either, i could share you the link! it's quite a funny poem i made X3 i'm not much into politics but i know how bad trump is.. my favourite things to read are comics! i love comics :D mangas too! i have spongebob comics, adventure time comic, and a pokemon diamond and pearl manga! i need to get back into reading more of that manga, it was pretty good ^w^ i'm making a comic series myself! while i am working on my ask ocs comics, i also wanna make some comic stories about my characters too :D

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                                It's honestly a crazy world--the internet (and social media) has allowed people to hide behind their screens and say what they want, without consequences. And furthermore on that, it's allowed people to become numb to common sense and decency when speaking to people. I'm far from perfect and I try to proofread what I write before I hit post.........but sometimes you get in a hurry and you know what you intended to say, even if it got typed out wrong. I honestly think the world could use some kind of etiquette education when speaking online--so it doesn't sound like they're mean, snarky or cruel when they actually aren't meaning to be. chuckle

                                The Funko POP movement has given people the right to do chibis with "dot eyes". I blame that! XD I still do real eyes with my chibis and only "circles" when I'm doing something specifically stylized to look like that (like my Wabi mask I did--with fabric paints and drawing so small--it was easier to simplify everything!). But the body shape and form has changed for me through the years. I used to do the big head-thick body kind of form. Now I do the big head, still, but have skinny-fied the body form a lot. It lets me do better on characters with clothing, I've found out. I have a bad habit of trying to do too many details on things and it takes me awhile to simplify my brain to simplify my drawing! XD

                                Yeah, watching someone, I could tell that's how the magic lasso worked--selecting a section. But it never works for me. It always selects the whole piece of lineart, not a section. I've had people tell me, you have to follow the area completely and some saying you can just "loop" the area--and no matter what way I try, it won't work. But, it might be because my linework is imported and the lines aren't digital to begin with. As for digital lines, I've never been able to get the stabilization right.......I wonder if it's my arthritis sometimes, I don't have the steadiest of hands anymore, because I'm getting old. I've made up for this in traditional lines by altering my inking style--I "double ink" my work now. Which means I use a thin-lined pen to initially ink my lines over pencil, then erase, and use a larger-lined pen to go over the thin ink lines. I go a lot slower the second time, to get the lines as "non-wobbly" as possible with my arthritis. :)

                                I use CLIP Studio Paint--aka the "modernized version" of Manga Studio 5EX. I had MS5 on my old laptop and I enjoyed it a lot more than the other freebie programs people recommended to me. When I had to replace my laptop last year, the company gave me the CLIP upgrade for free, by providing my original MS5 serial code. I also had to replace my original Wacom Bamboo tablet in the past year, too--so, I'm still trying to get used to my Wacom Intuos tablet. It's a "lot fancier" than the Bamboo tablet, so I think between CLIP's new additions and my newer tablet, I have to learn a lot of things all over again. It's hard for an oldtimer to have to keep learning new things. laughs But thanks for the tips--I'll poke around in the program when I have the time! :D

                                You should read the "Pocketmonsters Special" manga, which I know in the U.S., VIZ translated as "Pokemon Adventures" and broke up the arcs all into separate sections, but it's really an ongoing series that's over 50 volumes now, which each game series that has an arc. The writer is Hidenori Kusaka and the first artist is Mato, with the current artist being Satoshi Yamamoto. I collected a lot of this series in Japanese, because VIZ would never translate beyond volume 7 for years and years--then they suddenly decided to translate it all and even keep up with the newer arcs as they're published. I love the Gold/Silver/Crystal and Ruby/Sapphire arcs the best......though I wish for their HeartGold/SoulSilver arc they made it longer than only 2 volumes (most arcs are around 5 volumes each at least), it felt like the story-arc went too fast! chuckle

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                                  ohh, i have a wacom too! it's an intus? intos? i can't spell or say the word, i'm dumb.. ^-^; anyway it's my first tablet i had since last year or so :D i still sometimes do mouse art, though using the tablet makes things so much quicker and easier! ..except having to restart my computer multiple times in order for it to work properly, ugh >.< that manga sounds really cool! i should check it out sometime ^w^
                                  sorry for the really short response! i'm kinda sleepy and wasn't sure how to respond so i hope that's understandable <=) also it seems the reply boxes are getting thinner and thinner, which tends to make it harder to scroll through, though i wonder what happens when it gets to it's thinnest, shall we see? XD i'm gonna try and keep my messages shorter cos it's easier, though it's still nice to talk, i like to talk alot as you can tell lol

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                                    On phones, these responses look like one word per line, super-long columns of text to scroll down for a very long time. XD

                                    Yeah, the Intuos is a little bit "fancier" than the Bamboo, but I heard Wacom tablets are easiest to use, so when I bought one, I got that brand.

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                                      oh gosh, yea i bet it would be alot worse for phones ^w^; yea if i seem inactive in the next few days then it's because i'm moving out. i'm hoping things'll go well, i'm sure it would :3 i been to see my house today and i'm loving the nice colourful carpets ^w^ i'm hoping to get nice colourful walls too. the walls are a plain white, at some point i'd like to add some colour cos i don't really like dull boring stuff unlike my parents do.. i noticed the wacom was getting more and more expensive so i'm glad i got mine before the price went up even more :o i really like how they have their own custom buttons, i set mine so it's able to undo, redo, and save :D i heard all the other tablets don't really do that so i guess we're lucky X3

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                                        I don't like plain things, either--so, I always have to do something to eliminate "blankness"! I hope the move goes well! :D

                                        I haven't quite figured out all of the buttons on the Intuos yet, but one day I shall! XD

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    X3 alright