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I Need Sales by TristanAlexander

With the pandemic I have no place to sell my work except online. So if ANY of you have every liked my work and thought you might want to own one, please, this is the time to buy! If I don;t have a price on it, ask! If it was sold, I do prints at very reasonable prices. Thanks for the help.

I Need Sales


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    Sorry - I don't have money... but I love your drawings^^

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    Many on your first page ones got the paper/sand color background, how would that work for a t-shirt prints? Or are that not an option for those?

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      They should work just fine on a shirt, depending on the shirt color etc.

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        Um, I'm guess I'm asking the wrong questions here .. so the surrounding color is not something that would be made transparent to highlight the motive better on tshirts, for example for pieces like "sea stag" and "soul hunter"?

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          It would depend, while the backgrounds on those are tinted paper and have subtle variations and imperfections, I think with that or using transparent versions (making the shirt the background), I think they would work just fine.

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    Dunno where you are advertising, but in this pandemic, advertising in as many places as possible would be good. Its hit so hard that even regular places I work on have a big dip. FurAffinity is still one of the most art-commission active places I personally reside. I don't know how well Art is selling on Twitter, its a mish mash over there. You can always try Newgrounds. I'm on there, but I've never tried doing sales yet. If you're feeling up for a bit of a hassle, trying to find Art-sale-specific Facebook groups and advertising your sales.

    This can help post to a bunch of places all at once. Might help in advertising.

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      Adding some more, SHaring your work to art Reddits might also be helpful as well.

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      Tried many art sales sites. No luck. FA was never good for me for sales and they allowed someone to steal my art and did nothing but threaten me and not the NO to FA! Thanks for the suggestions though!

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    Thanks for the replies