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Hobby programmer and inexperienced artist, programming is my passion and I'll be working on some furry games in time, and some game remakes, so expect to see art for them here at some point. (will still be a while)

What my current goals are:

  • Bunny proofing .. deadline July 24th .. then order 2 bunnies.
  • Finishing the last 5 Haxe Flixel tutorials .. then browser games will happen .. small ones .. many
  • Work with Spine .. make animation .. import into the above

Profile last updated: 13/04/2021


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Hair part 2

Okay, part 2, my hair reach down to the end of my shoulder bones atm ..

I tried to let most of my hair be in front after I took a shower, but the family dog didn't question it :P he knows me too well

I can chew my hair now, but I got my front hair brushed back, so it doesn't really get in the way that often. (next goal length will take a while)

Hairdressers are scary when you try grow your hair, got put back a whole month, still .. an amazing haircut

Hair is slippery, my beanie slides off at times .. still cold outside

Comb is useless for this thick hair, had to get a brush, much better (got a foldable one with mirror for work)

Having my own hair waving in front of me for too long gets on my nerves

Started noticing knotted hair ends as I was told, and they were indeed easier to deal with by brushing the ends first

My dad noticed I threw hair into the toilet and gave me a lesson: hair can clog pipes ..

Guys with long hair seems to be disliked a bit here? Or maybe it's just because of my "sudden" change of hairstyle xD Apparently only acceptable for girls and rockband members, well, I'm not stopping, they only gonna tempt me to stay like this longer.

(I was also recommended the egg shaped brush, by this lady at work that never cut her hair, but just trim it at times, till it is too long and she cuts it short)

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    Hey confusing person, I'm not active on weasyl as my profile says ( I post through postybirb), so no clue what you were talking about back in july lol

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