Getting Back Into the Swing of Things... by LordDominic

Sorry to vanish so abruptly, I was dealing with some serious apathy towards art in general (as some of my DA friends know), and that sorta cut into my motivation to interact with art sites as well... I won't get into that here but for a while it was looking like I might have been done with art for good, for a couple of reasons. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, at least not yet.

Looks like in my absence, the only two admins for this site that I know of both resigned, that's a bit worrying... but I do like this site, and so long as this site's up and running I may as well get back into the swing of things and finish cross-posting my art.

Thanks for sticking around during my absence, at least it wasn't five years like last time...

Tl;dr just sorta letting everybody know I'm not dead and I haven't abandoned Weasyl yet, I was, and still am, just busy with some IRL stuff.

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things...


25 October 2019 at 08:14:24 MDT

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    Hiya there.

    Yup, the adctive moderators who work on most trouble tickets went poof. Only person I know active is the Dev Charmander but they let me know that Devs can't work on the Reports relating to Take downs, but do take Bug reports. I see him work on the github a lot, so I think that's where they work a lot.

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      Yeah, that's quite concerning, seeing the active moderators no longer taking part in running the site. I still wonder how they fund all of this since I see no ads and no sort of premium memberships or anything like that, so I assume any staff is volunteer and not a paid position. In such a situation I'm not sure I'd stay on as any sort of admin either if it were overwhelming, to be honest.

      I hope this site doesn't wind up dying, I'd love to see it grow and improve a bit but I like that it's a smaller and simpler site. I just gotta find my motivation again, even on the far more active DA I just don't feel as engaged anymore.

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        Staff is indeed Volunteer, and there is no Ads on Weasyl. :T

        I''ve not Volenteered as an Admin myself because i've experienced being an admin on an artsite with an absent owner before. Its hard to do anything, and being a mod is indeed a lot of work to keep up on with trouble tickets. I get overwhelmed too easily.

        I hope this site can stay up and grow as well. TuT I especially don't like all the sites that other people have been trying to make lately, they're all so not all that thought out or look like a forum instead of artsite. On DA, I think my community has personally been the same as always: difficult to interact with people.

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          I'm glad there are no ads, that's for sure! Not that there aren't browser plugins to deal with that, of course.

          Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that a while back, having trouble as a moderator. I see they're possibly looking for moderators as well, I am sort of curious as to what sort of responsibility that entails and what sort of commitment is involved. I'm busy with life stuff too but if they could find a bunch of moderators that could dedicate a bit of their time it would definitely add up and maybe make a difference.

          I'm noticing the site having some issues and the director is working on them, hopefully that clears up soon and I can get back to my crossposting adventure.

          DA is just too big, to be honest, but it's also where all of my friends are and trying to get folks to set up shop here too is definitely an uphill battle. I get it, keeping up multiple sites is a lot of work, and it might not seem worth the effort to keep up a profile on a site as quiet as this one. Nobody's managed to convince me to use FurAffinity and I hate making accounts for anything I don't absolutely need one for (I don't even have a YouTube account) so I totally get not wanting yet another art site profile to have to keep up with. Beyond posting you should be replying to comments and messages, maybe actually interacting with other stuff on the site a bit... it's definitely a bit of effort.

          At least Eclipse will have a green theme (someone I watch there had made a Stylish plugin for this as well, but the less third-party stuff you need the better IMO) and pagination is something they're actually acknowledging now, maybe it won't be so bad. Still not a fan of how "mobile-y" it feels though, I use a PC to create and browse and it sounds like many people feel the same way.

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            I would prefer site ads that support the site. They're fine on FA, I don't use adblock. Not fine on DA, da has nasty ads and audio ads, and None that support artists on the site. DA nasty sound ads. FA supportive art ads.

            Shared the admin seeking post across all my art sites, because we need them. I'm too scared of admin ship. I know how people treat admins, and I don't think I want to be a public admin again since I've been thinking about it.

            If you aren't a commission artist, I'd say you don't have to worry about making a FurAffinity. I usually suggest FA to artists who are having trouble with getting commissions since its crazy easy to do on FA compared to most. It's honestly a site you have to make sure you are posting content you like over what you think others like, the mentality for an artist can be hard to keep on that site because of how specific everyone's interests are.

            Da is def too big. Agrreed with that. There's no good way to get out there on DA. Its really hard. I know for a fact my grasp on that site was all because of the stupid mew/arceus comic I made that flooded internet land a while back. OH YES, Replying to messages is super important! Even general Thank you's are very helpful. Lots of people new to a site either forget that fact from being used to well established elsewhere or don't know it yet. Takes most of the time out of my day.

            Eclipse does have their Green Theme now. ^o^ It's wonderful. I don't get headaches and can stay on DA as long as I feel like in Eclipse. I use PC, too, and I do agree that it can be a bit of a pain with how mobile-y it is as well. Its also a pain that the custom box and text sizes change between mobile and PC, too, so my Custom box doesn't work in mobile visually because it doesn't have a set size between them. And there's still too much scrolling going on with my Profile and all over. Still hurts my hands. Not as much anymore, but still occurs. never good thing. But I'm still really excited to see how the site's been updating. They just need to fix up what they have to work on both.