▲🌱List some Unloved POKEMON by Uluri

How about listing down some unloved pokemon for me? Maybe your Favorite unloved pokemon, or one in general.

Dunsparce is Already on that list :P

▲🌱List some Unloved POKEMON


23 July 2019 at 12:04:30 MDT

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    Kilo (thenextgenhero) likes Dunsparce and Shuckle—and they rarely get any love.

    I’m a Weedle person. Nobody cares about ‘em when they can have Caterpie or Wurmple instead. Also, my PokeSona is a Mightyena and I feel this particular evolutionary chain rarely gets much love, at least art-wise.......and most especially since Lycanroc came about.

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      Yo, I always loved the Mightyena line. I've actually drawn a few for commission a while back. (I dont think I posted them here, though).

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        I’m glad that you’ve given the Mightyena line some love! :D

        I feel like I’m the only fan who hates Pikachu though. I don’t see the appeal and it’s not even a strong Pokémon! But oh well!!! XD

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    Rhyperior either does or doesn't count - probably more controversial than unloved, but I like it more than Rhydon.

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    Not sure if Meowth counts, but Meowth XP. Pumpkaboo doesn't get much love either, which is a shame since it's literally Halloween the Pokemon ;w;

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    Trubbish, Garbodor, Feebas, Purrugly, Popplio, Darmanitan, so many.

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    Shiny Delcatty QAQ ❤️

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    Zigzagoon and mightyena don't get enough love.

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    I never really see Aurorus at all.