Canvas Swap Issue 1 - 5 Days 'til Release! by Temrin

Please Note that this is a DIGITAL PDF pre-order. Not a physical copy.

We are 5 days away from the official release of Canvas Swap Issue #1!

This issue features Memokkeen Thea Icebanshee Temrin and their wonderful works!

Pre-order it now while it's still on pre-order sale! (Price goes up upon release!)

Canvas Swap Issue 1 - 5 Days 'til Release!


26 March 2018 at 16:32:59 MDT

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    Can I ask what the payment options are? I was trying to look in general, but I think you can't find more info on that unless you start making an order................... XD

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      You don't have to complete the order or put in information to find out what payments are accepted. :) Just click the "preorder" button and it will show the options.

      Currently, it is just Paypal BUT you can put in a credit card without a paypal account. (It does ask if you want to sign up, just uncheck to box if you don't want to. That way you just pay with your card through the portal it provides and you wont have to make an account.)