100 watcher raffle by jen-foxworth

Ahhh yes, the raffles. This will be the first one for Weasyl I think, actually. As I do on my other sites I'm on, I shall hold raffles for every so many watchers I get. On some of the other sites I have a thousand here or there, so while 100 is not a lot on here, it is a start yes. ;3 I haven't posted a lot on here in comparison to the others, and I don't think there are as many people here as on FA or DA. So, let us begin the raffle, yes!

Every 100 = sketch raffle

Rules/how to enter:
State a number between 1-500 on THIS journal. Check to make sure it's not a number someone has already chosen.
WITH your number, state what you would like, include your references!
It must be a character I have not done before.
It can be OC or Cannon.
1 character only.
If it is suiting it must be already being worn, a suit off the body counts as a second character.
If it is possession it must be the end result, and cannot be overly complicated.
No crazy/insane OC's or chars that have a load of detail.
This is a sketch, if I like it I may do more to it but I may not, at my discretion.
There is no time limit on these, nothing with deadlines.
You must be a watcher from the 900 current ones. New ones will have to wait til next raffle.
Deadline for entry is Jan. 27, 2017, I will pick winners on that day.

100 watcher raffle


20 January 2017 at 08:22:35 MST

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    The number I choose: 348

    Here's a ref, of a character, that I own.


    Remember to keep the pic SFW, okay?

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      I only do NSFW if someone specifically asks for it.

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        Ah. That's good to hear.


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          you win by default since no one else entered XD

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            Ouch; I'm so sorry, about others not entering! The same thing happened to me, once. Thing was, it wasn't a raffle, but an art contest.

            Anyways, at least I got a nice raffle prize, to come!

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                Nicely done! While there's a few details you may have missed, it still looks good, and she looks very pretty!

                Keep up the good work, as always!

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                Also, a small question; do you mind, if I submit this pic, on my page?

                If so, I can not only share it with others, but I'll also use it, to help advertise YOUR artistic talent!

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                  Long as you put a link back to my page in the description, can post it wherever you want.