I want to help by Iridium

There are a lot of people, a lot of good people, in the fandom who are hurting in various ways. I know or know of a fair number of them. They lost their job(s), they are losing their homes, they are in really shitty situations and need out. I want to help, I do help where I can. But I have limits.

It has been painful to realize that I cannot help everyone, I cannot save everyone. I do not like to see good people get hurt. I cannot save the world, I can help some people. How do I choose? I don't know.

I will keep doing what I can. But my resources are limited.

Why am I posting this? Because my desire to help outstrips my ability to do so. I'm sorry, I can't help everyone. I'm sorry.

I want to help


23 April 2016 at 07:36:48 MDT

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    The gesture is good. But always tell oneself, I can only do so much and my own needs, material and psychological, must be met first.

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    It ok Life will find a way....

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    It's okay that you want to help and can't. You're not helping anyone if your charity is detrimental to yourself. Take care of yourself first.

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    I feel this particular sentiment all too well... being a content creator and artist myself I used to at one point be more reliant upon others for supplemental income with artwork I made.. and now I can be more able to take on commissions as I feel I am able and not because I am compelled to... and this is much healthier for me... I'm not worried about my next meal... I can enjoy creation for the pure sake of it now and be more freed to enjoy doing work for others. :3

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    Man, the little you can do is perfectly great! Nobody can help everybody. We're humans, not gods nor superheroes.
    Better stay in good health, so you still can provide help where you can.

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    It just comes to show how your a rare human being in this world. Your desire to help people shows that you are a kind person with a heart of gold.