Farore 2.0 (Retired) by farorenightclaw

Farore 2.0 (Retired)


5 February 2014 at 17:52:10 MST

Farore 2.0 (Retired)
masculine agender
250 lbs (very dense)
South China Tiger Robot

A new version of Farore! i wanted it to look more robotic to reflect my comfort with myself and no longer feeling like i have to hide my identity.

  1. Retractable antennae sense WiFi, air currents, temperature, electrical sources nearby, etc.
  2. Eyes and body lights glow brighter or dimmer depending on mood and energy levels.
  3. Removable chest/belly plate allows easy access to internals (though entire body is modular).
  4. 5 ports along spine allow for varying levels of connectivity, multiple connections at once, etc.
  5. Port detail. Lights beside ports glow brighter when port is in use.
  6. Mouth detail. Mouth insides are the same flexible blue-grey pseudo-flesh as the majority of the body. Teeth are titanium.

Internal reference can be found here.

Optional genitalia reference can be found here.


  • large silver CBR, both lobes (closer to head)
  • medium silver horseshoe barbell, both lobes (closer to outer ear)
  • small black CBR, left tragus (viewer's right)
  • small silver stud, labret
  • small silver barbell, underside of tailbase

Farore was made by a company called Simulife Robotics. Once laws were passed to allow robots to be counted as people under the law, Simulife made the controversial decision to continue producing robots, but instead of creating them for a definitive purpose, allowing said robots to choose their own purposes and designs. Farore decided it wanted to be a person in every sense of the word, so once it was produced, it was released under a contract that it could find someone to purchase it that would allow it to live as it wanted to. It found Cassio, and decided it wanted to be hers. However, it only belongs to her in the sense that she paid for it; it is its own person and in fact dominant over her most of the time. It also has a relationship with Hale. It likes to be helpful and prefers to be useful to others as often as it can, but definitely has its own goals and ideas about the world.

Farore & artwork by me!

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    Cutie! It looks adorable, and I'm loving its design!

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    Pretty interesting character here. <:3

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    It's really cool :D

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    Congrats on your newfound confidence :3

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    +H+ this design is amazing! Would it be acceptable for me to doodle up some arts Of Farore in this form?

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    I really like it!

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    Yay for taking pride in who and what you are n_n <3 digging this!

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    Love this design and all of the little cybernetic and robotic details in it. A character I'd definitely draw in a heartbeat!

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    I have to admit this design looks a bit more difficult to draw, but I still like it! Definitely unique to see a fursona that isn't entirely covered with fur. x3

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      yuh, i am a bit nervous about drawing it XD will have to practice a bunch before i have it memorized!

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    dat mechy butt :3

    I really like this new design! Can't wait to see more artsings~

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    "I prefer the term 'artificial person', myself."-Bishop

    Apologies, that really was the first thing that came to mind. ^_^;

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    I LOOOVE this character, I always get happy when I see a commission of them!