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1 February 2014 at 01:10:48 MST

5'5 (not including ears)
pudgy baby

DONT WORRY ABOUT THIS GIANT WALL OF TEXT its just dum worldbuilding stuff, the ref stands true to her looks haha
Temperament/Personality: Erratic and juvenile at best.
Description: A bullheaded son of a gun if there ever was one, Luceille here has got enough fight, flirt, and drink in her to last a nation of teenagers a lifetime’s supply of stupid antics. Hard to get close to and even harder to break, she’s built up walls several miles high and limits her company to those simply passing through; usually meaning people she comes in contact with at her job at the local junk eatery.
Work Desc: Tosses garbage and cleans up messes for a bit under minimum wage.

-Notorious flirt; often picks on those who seem naive. Advances made are almost exclusively female, seldom responds to other suitors making the first move.
-Drinks quite a bit; prefers hard mixed drinks to beers.
-Retains some animalistic ‘quirks’ that should have been shed after childhood; barking, growling, and teeth display.
-Fiddles with her nails a lot and wrings her wrists when worried.

Family: One sister, two brothers. Licorice (Agatha), Underwood (Mark), and Bartholomew, who actually really enjoys his full name, but what’s the fun in that when you can call him Bart, huh?

-Lucy is part of a species of beings who carry tar-like ‘ink’ in their tails; an odd, pliable substance that each individual can bend to their likes and will. Most are directly linked via a standard thought process (simply thinking of an object or shape triggers it), however, Luceille’s ink was more emotion-based and proved…tricky to manage in her youth. It was docked for her safety.
-All red marks sans her cheek freckles are scarification tattoos. There is no fur on these areas (leg bars, lower back triangle marking).
-Her eyes have a very slight opalescent film over them. It doesn't do much besides distort how she sees color; everything’s a bit blotchy in strong light but it’s not too bad. She shares this trait with Underwood, who has it a bit stronger then she does.

(copypaste from my worldbuilding blog that i absolutely have failed to keep up, the desc i had there still stands true to how she is currently. information on her species will be provided later, granted i get my ass around to it 'u' this is basically just a standard info sheet as a 'get to know the character' kind of basis)

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    i love this character omgggg she has such a fun design

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      ahhh pbbpbbpbb thanks that means a lot coming from you dude haha ;;;v;;;

      (shes such a butte tho pfft all ya'll guys'll figure that out)

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        omg youre welcome ;w;

        hahha omg characters who are butts are my fave tho

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    Bb <3

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      bb more like bbUTTE <3

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    a good doge

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      actually worst doge UvU haha, thankyou though!

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        a COOL DOGE then

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    UGHHH Awesome character!!!

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      aaaa //v\ thanks dude!

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    oh man, what a cutie! :O

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      omgggg wAhhh thank! ;;;v;;;

      rolls around like a dum dork uvu <3

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    oh hey! neither of our characters have irises or pupils, hell yes.

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      heckyeah iris/pupil-les characters

      dunno why, but there's something really cool about them?? i guess because it forces one to take into account the expression of the eyes, haha 'u'

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        it just feels right, I often find it difficult to articulate why. most people who realize clarkbird has sclera-only eyes say it's creepy, but I think it makes him feel more chill to me ...

        the only self-representational character of mine (out of ... uhh ... five or so, haha) who has pupils is my cat character. everyone else either has weird void eye-swirls or only has scleras.