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Arthur and His Friends by Zummeng

Arthur and His Friends


Meet Arthur and his friends! They would be the cast of one of my stories. There's no story (yet), but I just like thinking and working on it time to time, and showing the results to you of course :D This time I tried to figure out their colors, and I think I get closer to their final designs step by step. I think many major things in their design are finalized already, only some minor details remain.

Here are a few words about the characters:

  • Marceline is a chaotic good magician/wizard who wants to walk her own path. She can pull out small critters from her hat and shot deadly beams from her palms.
  • Dina is a water elf, and she likes to help people in their daily lives. But she's not that helpless as she looks when when it comes to fighting with a monster. She's Arthur's love interest.
  • Rudy is Arthur's best friend who supports him in fights too. And he's a perfect pillow for Arthur if they have to sleep in the wild.
  • Arthur is a kind wood elf, who has extraordinary skills, and he uses them to protect people from any harm. He's Dina's love interest.
  • Marko is a victim of an experiment that started like something great, but it ended pretty bad. He needs friends. And better clothes.

Maybe it's not a big deal at all, but I'm just really proud of how I choosed elements for Dina and Arthur (water and trees) when I started designing them long ago :D But this isn't the main reason why they attract each other, it's just makes their relationship even more natural for me, and supports the idea that they were meant for eachother :)

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    Yeah, Marko definitely needs better clothes... looks like he already has good friends.