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Vektor – Refsheet WIP by Zummeng

Vektor – Refsheet WIP


I actually have another biomechanical/android space species beside the ensafirs, but this species has no finalised name yet. This character you might remember, Vektor, is one individual from that species. I came up with this species way before the ensafirs, but somehow I could make a lot more progress with the ensafirs than with this species.

I’ve been holding back sharing this reference sheet for a long time now, but I thought I’d share it because I have no idea if it will ever be fully finished. I want to improve and tweak many things, for example Vektor's personality isn't even properly figured out yet. And I don't even know how they dress… But there are a handful of things in this sketchy refsheet that won't be changed in the future when I'll try to go on with this species and with Vektor.

Here's a little info about the species: They have a "caste” called the "creators”. These people modify, enhance and improve their species for hundreds of years. Part of their story would be about if these modifications helped or spoiled their species.

As you can see, this species could use a lot more work in the future… But I just knew I will never continue this specific refsheet, so I thought I share it with a few thoughts. Anyway, I hope you like it!

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