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Nigel Refsheet by Zummeng

Nigel Refsheet


Hey Everybody!

Because there will be no comic pages for a while, we will treat you guys with some other things. Especially with Tree of Life related topics to get you guys in the mood for the comic. For starter, here's a reference sheet :)

We've already introduced a few characters to you over the years from the upcoming Tree of Life comic. But a couple of important characters didn't have a finished design at that time yet, so you didn't get the chance to get to know them at all. Now we can introduce one, the eternally sulking and peevish Nigel.

He was difficult to design, because I wanted to create a unique species. At some point we thought a mix of a rhino and a rabbit would look cool. But we still have to figure out a name for them :D

Nigel is one of my oldest characters, and I've always thought a lot about how he should look like. Even if he looks like a simple character, the evolution of his design has been very long, and I am very pleased with this final version. Hope you like him too! (Even though I'm going to do everything to make him as “unlikable” as possible, if you know what I mean. He needs to learn his lessons ;)

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