Prophecy pg. 57. by Zummeng

Prophecy pg. 57.


2 September 2019 at 04:39:39 MDT

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    Not drinking for 5 days would kill you.

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      I'm going to assume our mysterious storyteller is bending the truth a little for narrative impact. xD;

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      Fennec Foxes can go QUITE a while without water, actually! That's the many joys of desert animals, haha.

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    This was all an elaborate ploy to let the fennec go hog-wild digging to his heart's content

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    dat look of determination. also I gotta say, I dont even really look at adult comics like this, I mostly just clicked on the first few cuz the art interested me but the story and characters were pretty endearing and I kept checking each new one just to see how things developed. this series so far has turned out far better than I ever expected it to be

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    I really, really hope this works for Shen. I'm so invested now!