Tree of Life [Concept Cover] by Zummeng

Tree of Life [Concept Cover]


13 September 2017 at 07:37:25 MDT

This is one of my dream projects I want to do, even if it’ll still take quiet some time to start it. It may be years, or I don’t know, but better later than never! This world accompanied me trough my childhood all along, and I always hoped I can show this world to you folks. Tons of preparations will still be needed, like ref sheets, refined script, world building, ect. (The world bulding is kind of a hard part for me, because my strong point is to design characters.)

Even if I can’t start this project probably for years (in worst case), I wanted to do this cover concept, and share it anyway. In other hand, I want to connect certain works of mine to this world. With many pictures I did so far in this topic, I felt they just hang in the air, but with this cover concept and title, I can finally properly refer to something.

In short, the world setting is mostly fantasy with tribal features, lots of magic and stuff, in a world where our civilization was destroyed thousands of years ago. The creatures will mainly be anthropomorphic.

So until that time comes, I’ll play around with the character designs, and other story elements. Hope you will enjoy my ideas!

Probably there are many of you who followed me for years, aaaaand probably remeber I was into the Rayman topic where I made my original character named Chili, a little elf like, green, anthro creature. I still like her so much, so she will be in this story as one of the main protagonist. ^ ^ She’s the little one in the middle, right under the title.
You may notice there will be the water god, Alexadner, and his daughter Lily. :> When I finished the „Gift from the Water God” I knew I want to put them in another story.
I was working hard on the story for years now, but whit these three new characters, I think things will finally go a bit smooter :)

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    Yes, better later than never! Sounds like a very good cast of characters.

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    Gorgeous concept! I definitely understand the struggle of wanting to tell a good story but it taking a long time, but often the time can be beneficial! Sounds like you got a good plan!