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Welcome to New Dawn [WIP Cover] by Zummeng

Welcome to New Dawn [WIP Cover]


13 September 2017 at 07:38:26 MDT

This is one of my dream projects, featuring Estella and Evie. ^^ As I draw them as adults, I usually picture them light-hearted, silly and cute. But their childhood wasn’t easy at all, they had to crawl out the pit where cruel life has thrown them. Their inner and external fights would be the focus point, and how they see eachother and themself as both adults and teenagers. So, this comic would be in the opposite mood I usually draw them in, but that’s why I found it personally interesting. They fought for their happiness.

I’m planning to start this comic in the very near future. But because I have a lot of obligations and works to take care of, I won’t be able to progress too fast with it. That’s why I made a new goal on my Patreon, and if I reach it, I’ll be able to go on much faster with this, and with other highly story driven comics too.
Check my Patreon if you are interrested:

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    I like this idea. In my RPing, I've taken my characters through different parts of their lives, just to explore what they were like when younger, and also, in the case of my characters Thoee and Deen, taken their infant son and toddler daughter into teen-hood, to show what they grew up to be (and what growing they still need to do). Sounds like a fantastic story aspect to explore.