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Weekend - Page 20 (End) by Zeta-Haru

Weekend - Page 20 (End)


29 July 2014 at 21:42:10 MDT


For more info about this comic project:

Last page here, I know many of you didn't want it to end, but it would end at one point... N-no don't cry >w> kidding. So~ I hope you enjoyed the story and every page I created! There is a high chance I'll be making a sequel, but that will probably be in 2015.

Thank you all for supporting, and thanks for all those who donated aswell, I think that was like the ultimate support you could give me, which made me continue to give life to this comic, and actually means a lot to me, not just because it is my first comic and it was succesful, but because it holds elements that were important in my own life, what you see in this comic is like a fantasy reflection of my first 18 years of life, for example, Daniel's backpack is like an old backpack I had to use for school when I was 17. There is more things in this that I think I will never really get into detail, I just wanted to tell you that what I produced here is all full of "me" :P

Just reminding, I'll still make the comic cover before selling a special art pack, and go back to my regular art making.

Here is a special ending song if you want:


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    Rarely does what I consider to be a porn comic also contain such a sweet story as yours does. You should be proud of the final product. It's really quite good. =^.^=

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    Such a great read. Remove the sex, and the comic still holds up as an endearing tale of budding love between two young friends. I also love how the mom clearly knows and giggles on the previous page.

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    so adorable comic <3 and well made too ^^ nice work