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Weekend - Page 19 by Zeta-Haru

Weekend - Page 19


25 July 2014 at 23:20:12 MDT

For more info about this comic project:

Sorry for the delay on this page, I did another personal art of me and gabe, and I was really unlucky in the last days (I think?) besides my birthday on day 24, I received some visits by the night, which were ruining my plans of working, and then issues such as my computer getting blue screens but I already solved that, and the electric power going off tonight, but yay, I could finish it! it's clean again as you can see and this page may look lazy in the end, the time I took to actually finish it wasn't much, the main reason of the delay was this series of unlucky (or lucky if I cosider by bday xD) events. shrug

And thank you all for all the birthday wishes, it was unbelievable how many people used a bit of their time to comment wishing me a happy birthday <3 I posted a journal on each page and I think it was a total of 400+ birthday messages and it was a craaazy, my inbox is still recovering from this haha x3

One more page left! And the comic cover sure. And yay for clothes change? ;u;

edit: forgot to tell that page 6 text was updated a few days ago