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Hidden Place by Zeta-Haru

Hidden Place


20 July 2014 at 21:49:18 MDT

This was made as a gift to my beloved boyfriend Gabriel <3

I wanted to make something different here even though it I used my regular process. As you can see, Gabe's character looks different now, we've been wanting to make this change happen and make him chubby, similar to how my real Gabe is, and I love him this way >w< he's so cuddly and beautiful :)

The title is based on this song from Björk (if you already knew I like her you deserve a cookie c: ) I love the concept of this entire album... I was going to title this artwork as "Vespertine" because it's the name of the album, which is my favorite. Well... We just gotta be patient for now, and after one day we'll be able to live our lives the way we want and dream, in our hidden place. <3

Any hate comments will be ignored and/or deleted okay~


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    You two look very happy together. :)

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    Hate comments? Who could hate this? It's too precious!

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    Such a sweet moment, so innocent and heartwarming.

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    ohmygosh, this is so adorable! ; v ; you are the cutest couple i must say!