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Zeta's Pokémon Adventure by Zeta-Haru

Zeta's Pokémon Adventure


30 June 2014 at 14:54:05 MDT

Personal art, that happens usually once in a month, and I feel very proud of this one, looks like a picture for me ^w^

It's my fursona Lan, dressed in similar clothes that my character is using in Pokémon X, he is with my 3 favorite pokémon in the game, Luxray, Roserade and a shiny Noivern, that was also my first shiny pokémon. it feels so nice because I love orange skies and these 3.

I started playing Pokémon X around 2 months ago and was addicted during the first month, mostly because it was like a dream that came true, when I was a kid and I would do anything for a gameboy advance to have pokémon ruby/sapphire/emerald with me, and that was gen 3, took me 3 more gens to finally be able to get my own money and buy me something I desired for years, so it means a lot to me. Oh and before the 3DS I would play the pokémon games in emulators, but I felt really alone because there was no connectivity x3

Thanks for taking a look and reading if you did, hope you liked the artwork! I really missed finishing my drawings like this.


Lan is also definitely not blond anymore, his hair is now black colored, just like mine irl

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    Nicely done. I approve of your team.

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    My GF got a shiny Noibat...a little jealous, but I caught a shiny Magneton. :P
    Still, your team is awesome and I'll try to be around more to battle.