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Kyary Zeta by Zeta-Haru

Kyary Zeta


10 August 2016 at 21:04:28 MDT

I'm back~ Now more fabulous (lol)

This art may feel simple but it has quite a bit of a backstory, let me talk about it...

This was inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's CANDY CANDY Which I recently got addicted to, hehe. And harajuku style in general

The feeling of being free to wear anything and choose any color you want is something that was always present in my work. I think stuff like this is very close to what being a furry and an artist really means: becoming who you want to be, creating your own looks, playing with your imagination.. just making part of your life something more fun and colorful. :3

I've always been a closed, private person (and I think that's not going to change haha), and most of the time I'm ashamed of the things I like or do. You could say I'm just shy :P But one of the things that I've been keeping hidden for too long in real life is, like... when you try to act "less gay" just to fit in or to not cause/get in any trouble you know, dressing as a girl in real life would be like, an instant NOPE from me. And this art was like me breaking these silly concepts I had, that it's not a problem if you act the way you want to act or feel good like that. And I promise that I’ll keep following that idea. ^^

This doesn’t mean that I like to dress as a girl or that I'm trans in any level, I'm just playing and having fun. I'm still the same guy :3 This also represents my return to art making (and holy cow didn't I remember how colors can be fun).

I hope you guys liked the artwork, see you in the next post!

Thanks for the support in the last month! Things are getting better ^^
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    Interesting, I could see there was some kind of pop culture influence at work. (I get where you're coming from, one year I was obsessed with Bad Apple!!)

    Yeah, it's harder than you'd think to live up to what I saw summed up in an internet motivational poster "Never apologize for the things you love."