micron's second alt mode, a custom f-302 fighter by zenol leytan

micron's second alt mode, a custom f-302 fighter

zenol leytan

11 November 2016 at 09:29:59 MST

art and original picture by http://bagera3005.deviantart.com/
original pic: http://bagera3005.deviantart.com/art/F-302-fighter-interceptor-131726830
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this is a heavily modified f-302 fighter for my transformers character micronus the second, or tony as his friends prefer to call him, it has been heavily modified from the other fighter from the mallek hunters squadron, this one has been given vast upgrades, including energy weapons, impulse engines in place of jet engines, a modified warp drive powered by a super ark reactor with the same output as a full warp core, missile replication system for reloading the rockets using material from the food he eats leaving some to make bio fuel for the impulse engines. this model never actually got built as it was only made using a highly detailed holographic projection and only used for micronus to scan for his second vehicle mode but the ideas in it were kept in the "good idea" archives for future use.

tech specks
length: 2.38 meters / 7.8 feet
width: 4.38 meters / 14.37 feet
height: .99 meters / 3.24 feet
weapons: variable payload missiles, energy based weapons inset into the nose.
propulsion system: twin high speed impulse engines powered by bio fuel, warp capable ftl drive powered by a super ark reactor capable of warp 9.5, able to travel almost 3000 light years nonstop before needing to stop and recover from the stress, heat, and the drain on his energy. normally limits his speed down to about warp 7. (these calculations were made using an online warp speed calculator set to the tng universe warp drive capabilities. http://www.anycalculator.com/warpcalculator.htm)
shield system: a basic level shielding matrix normally used just for faster then light travel and normal space flight, it is not suited for combat but can lessen the damage to his body, and can be boosted to a maximum power level for at least 5 minutes before needing to cool down, can not be used in robot mode or truck mode.
landing gear: standard issue mag-lock landing gear

pro's: very fast, capable of interplanetary travel, highly maneuverable, small, hard to hit, minimal radar cross section due to small size making radar locks difficult, re loadable missile system can be used in combat and uses raw molecular material from consumed food stored inside matter containers, energy based weapons for combat, capable of warp 9.975, can hover in place, and has an on board computer with a crystal drive data core.

cons: relatively weak shields, limited distance traveled at full speed, requires time to build up molecular stock for missile system, still requires sleep, requires yearly check ups to make sure his two sides are working together properly, still gets sick, still has some human limits,

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